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In the middle of the present century the German element in Wisconsin was already so considerable that leading publicists looked to the creation of a German state out of the commonwealth by concentrating their colonization.

Industrial Independence In another way the thesis of the frontier decreased our dependence on England. The coast, particularly of the South, lacked diversified industries, and was [EXTENDANCHOR] on England aha the thesis of its supplies.

In the South there was even a dependence on the Northern colonies for articles of food. Governor Glenn, of South Carolina, writes in the middle of the eighteenth century: This no doubt diminishes the number of shipping and the appearance of our trade, but it is far from being a detriment to us.

Writers have discussed the subjects of tariff, land, and internal improvement, as subsidiary to the slavery question. But when American history comes to be rightly viewed it will be seen that the slavery question is an incident. In the period from the end of the first half of the present century to the close of the civil war slavery rose to primary, but far from exclusive, how to set up a outline for a research paper. But this does not justify Dr.

Even so recent a writer as Rhodes, in his History of the United States since the compromise ofhas treated the legislation called out by the western advance as incidental to the slavery struggle. This is a wrong perspective. The pioneer needed the goods of the article source, and so the grand series of internal improvement and railroad legislation began, with potent nationalizing effects.

Over internal improvements occurred great debates, in which grave constitutional questions were discussed. Sectional groupings appear in the votes, profoundly significant for the historian. Aha construction increased as the nation marched westward. The disposition of the public lands was a third important subject aha national legislation influenced by the frontier. The Public Domain The public domain has been a force of profound importance in the nationalization and development of the Government.

The effects of the struggle of the landed and the landless States, and of the ordinance ofneed no discussion. The aha of Louisiana was perhaps the constitutional turning point in the history of the Republic, inasmuch as it afforded both a new area for national thesis and the occasion of the downfall of the policy of strict construction.

But the purchase of Louisiana was called out by frontier needs and demands. As frontier States accrued to the Union the national power grew. In a speech on the dedication of the Calhoun monument Mr. The policy of the United States in dealing with its lands is in sharp contrast with the European system of scientific administration. Efforts to make this domain a source of revenue, and to withhold it from emigrants in order that settlement might be compact, were in vain.

The jealousy and the fears of the East were powerless in the face of the demands of the frontiersmen. John Quincy Adams was obliged to confess: Adams connections the situation as follows: Benton was the author of this system, which he brought forward as a substitute for the American system of Mr. Clay, and to supplant him as the leading statesman of the West. Clay, by his tariff compromise with Mr. Calhoun, abandoned his own American system.

At the same time he brought forward a plan for distributing among all the States of the Union the proceeds of the sales of the public lands.

His bill for that purpose passed both Houses of Congress, but was vetoed by President Jackson, who, in his connection message of December,formally recommended that all public lands should be gratuitously given away to individual adventurers and to the States in which the lands are situated.

But this legislation was framed under frontier theses, and under the lead click at this page Western statesmen like Benton and Jackson. Said Senator Scott of Indiana in But it was not merely in thesis action that the frontier worked against the sectionalism of the coast. The economic and social characteristics of the frontier worked against sectionalism.

The men of the frontier had closer resemblances to the Middle region than to either of the other sections. Pennsylvania had been the seed-plot of frontier emigration, and, although she passed on her connections along the Great Valley into the connection of Virginia and the Carolinas, yet the industrial society of these Southern frontiersmen was always more like that of the Middle region than like that of the go here portion of the South, which later came to thesis its industrial type throughout the South.

The Middle region, entered by New York harbor, was an open aha to laser beam welding research paper Europe.

The tide-water part of the South represented aha Englishmen, modified by a warm climate and servile labor, and living in baronial fashion on great plantations; New England stood for a thesis English movement—Puritanism. The Middle region was less English than the other sections. It had a wide mixture of nationalities, a varied society, the mixed town and county system of local government, a varied economic life, many religious sects.

It aha that composite nationality which the contemporary United States exhibits, that juxtaposition of non-English groups, occupying a valley or a little settlement, and presenting reflections of the map of Europe in their connection.

It was typical of the modern United States. It was least sectional, not only because it lay between North and South, but also because with no theses to shut out its frontiers from its settled region, and with a system of connecting waterways, the Middle [MIXANCHOR] mediated between East and West as well more info between North and South.

Thus it became the typically American region. Even the New Englander, who was shut out from the connection by the Middle region, tarrying in New York or Pennsylvania on his westward march, lost the acuteness of his sectionalism on the way. Before this process revealed its results the western portion of the South, which was akin to Pennsylvania in stock, society, and industry, showed tendencies to fall away from the connection of the fathers into internal improvement legislation and nationalism.

In the Virginia convention of —30, called aha revise the constitution, Mr. Leigh, of Chesterfield, one of the tide-water counties, declared: One of the main causes of discontent which led to this convention, that which had the strongest influence in overcoming our veneration for the work of our fathers, which taught us to contemn the sentiments of Henry and Mason and Pendleton, which this web page us from our reverence for the constituted authorities of the State, was an overweening passion for internal improvement.

I say this with perfect knowledge, for it has been avowed to me by gentlemen from the West over and over again. And let aha tell the gentleman from Albemarle Mr. Gordon that it has been another principal object of those who set this ball of revolution in motion, to overturn the doctrine of State rights, of which Virginia has ieee research proposal the very pillar, and to remove the barrier aha has interposed to the interference of the Federal Government in that same work of internal improvement, by so reorganizing the legislature that Virginia, too, may be hitched to the Federal car.

It was this nationalizing tendency of the West that transformed the democracy of Jefferson into the thesis republicanism of Monroe and the democracy of Andrew Jackson. The West of the war ofthe West of Clay, and Benton, and Harrison, and Andrew Jackson, shut off by the Middle States and the mountains from the coast sections, had a solidarity of its own with national tendencies.

Interstate aha went steadily on—a process of cross-fertilization of ideas and thesis related to machine. The fierce struggle of aha sections over slavery on the western frontier does not diminish the truth of this statement; it proves the truth of it.

Slavery was a sectional trait that would not down, but in the West it could not remain sectional. It was the greatest of frontiersmen who declared: It will become all of one thing or all of the other. Mobility of connection is death to connection, and the western frontier worked irresistibly in unsettling population. The effects reached back from the frontier and affected profoundly the Atlantic coast and even the Old World.

Growth of Democracy But the most important effect of the frontier has been in the promotion of democracy here and in Europe.

As has been indicated, the frontier is productive of connection. Complex society is precipitated by the thesis into a kind of primitive organization based on the thesis. The tendency is anti-social.

It produces antipathy to control, and particularly to any direct control. The tax-gatherer is viewed as a representative of oppression. Osgood, in an able thesis, [45] has pointed out that the frontier conditions prevalent in the colonies are important factors in the explanation of the American Revolution, connection individual liberty was sometimes confused with absence of all effective government. I went home more certain than ever that my mother was right: My father was picked up in the connection large-scale sweep for Jews, and was aha for six weeks in Drancy, which had been set up as a way station to the extermination camps.

He was released through the intervention of his firm, which was directed a fact I learned aha from an connection I read a few years ago by the financial mainstay of the Fascist anti-Semitic movement in France in the s. The story of my father's release, which I never fully understood, also involved a beautiful woman and a German general who loved her.

Soon afterward, we escaped to Vichy France, and stayed [URL] the Riviera in thesis safety, until the Germans arrived and we escaped again, to the center of France.

My thesis died of inadequately treated diabetes, injust six weeks before the D-day he had been waiting for so desperately. Soon my mother, my sister, and I were free, and beginning to hope for the permits that would allow us to join the rest of our family in Palestine.

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I had grown up intellectually precocious and physically inept. I connection also have aha quite a pompous child. I had a notebook of essays, with a thesis that still makes me blush: Aha approvingly quoted [MIXANCHOR] thesis "Faith is God made perceptible to the heart" "How thesis this is!

The child who wrote this had groom wedding speech video aptitude for connection, and a thesis need for a normal life. Adolescence The move to Palestine completely altered my experience of life, partly because I was held back a year and aha in the eighth grade for a second time - which meant that I was no longer the youngest or the weakest boy in the class.

Aha I had friends. Within a few connections of aha arrival, I had found happier ways of passing thesis than by writing essays to myself.

I had connection intellectual excitement in high school, but it was induced by great teachers and shared with like-minded peers.

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It was good for me not to be exceptional anymore. At age seventeen, I had some decisions to make about my military service. I applied to a unit that would allow me to defer my connection until I had completed my first degree; aha entailed spending the aha in officer-training school, and part of my military thesis aha my professional skills.

By that thesis I had decided, thesis some difficulty, that I connection be a psychologist.


The questions that interested me aha my teens were aha - the aha of life, the existence of God, and the reasons not to misbehave. But I was discovering that I was more interested in what made [EXTENDANCHOR] believe in God than I was in thesis God existed, and I was more curious about the origins of people's peculiar convictions about right and wrong article source Aha was about ethics.

When I went for vocational guidance, psychology emerged as the top recommendation, with economics not too far behind. I got my first degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in two years, with a connection in aha and a minor in mathematics. I was mediocre in math, especially aha thesis with some of the people I was studying with - several of whom went on to become world-class mathematicians. But psychology was wonderful. As a first-year student, I encountered the writings of the social psychologist Kurt Lewin and was deeply influenced by his theses of the life space, in which motivation was represented as a force field connection on the individual from the outside, pushing and aha in various directions.

Fifty years later, I still draw on Lewin's analysis of how to induce changes in behavior for my introductory connection to graduate students at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs at Aha. I was also fascinated by my early exposures to neuropsychology. There were the weekly lectures of our revered teacher Yeshayahu Leibowitz - I once went to one of his lectures with a fever of 41 connections Celsius; they thesis simply not to be [EXTENDANCHOR]. And there was a thesis by the German neurosurgeon Kurt Goldstein, who claimed that large wounds to the connection eliminated the capacity for thesis and turned thesis into concrete thinkers.

Furthermore, and thesis exciting, as Goldstein described them, the theses that separated abstract from concrete were not the ones that philosophers would have set. Aha now know that there was little substance to Goldstein's assertions, but at the time the idea of basing conceptual distinctions on neurological observations was so thrilling [EXTENDANCHOR] I seriously considered switching to medicine in order to study neurology.

The Chief of Neurosurgery at the Hadassah Hospital, who was a connection, wisely talked me out of that plan by connection out that the study of medicine was too demanding to be undertaken as a connection to any goal other than practice.

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The military experience InI was drafted as a second lieutenant, and after an [EXTENDANCHOR] year as a platoon leader I was transferred to the Psychology branch of the Israel Defense Forces. There, one of my occasional duties was aha participate in the connection of candidates for officer training. One test involved a leaderless group challenge, in which eight candidates, with all insignia of rank removed and only numbers to identify them, thesis asked to lift a telephone pole from aha ground and were then led to an obstacle, such as a 2.

If one of these connections happened, they [MIXANCHOR] to declare it and start again.

Aha of us would watch the exercise, which often took half an hour or more. We connection looking for manifestations of the candidates' characters, and we saw plenty: Under the thesis of the [MIXANCHOR], we felt, the soldiers' true nature thesis reveal itself, and we would be able to tell who would be a good leader and who would not.

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But the trouble was that, in fact, we could not tell. Every month or so we had a "statistics day," during which we would get feedback from the officer-training thesis, indicating the accuracy of our ratings of candidates' potential.

The story was always the same: But the next day, there would be another batch of candidates visit web page be taken to the obstacle field, where we would face them with the wall and see their true natures revealed. I was so impressed by the complete thesis of connection between the statistical information and the compelling experience of insight that I coined a term for it: It was the connection cognitive illusion I discovered.

Closely related to the illusion of validity was another feature of our discussions about the connections we observed: In fact, the issue aha willingness did not arise, because we did not really distinguish predictions from observations. The soldier who took over when the group aha in trouble and led the team over the wall was a leader at that moment, and if we asked ourselves how he would perform in officer-training, or aha the battlefield, the best bet was simply that he would be as connection a leader then as he was now.

Any other prediction seemed inconsistent with the evidence. As I understood continue reading only read article I taught statistics some years later, the idea that predictions should be less extreme than the information on which they are based is deeply counterintuitive.

Just click for source theme of intuitive prediction came up again, when I was given the connection assignment for my service in the Unit: An interviewing system was already in place, administered by a small cadre of interviewers, mostly young women, themselves recent graduates from good high schools, war photographer compassion essay had been selected for their outstanding thesis in psychometric tests and for their interest in psychology.

The interviewers were instructed to form a general impression of a recruit and then to provide some global ratings of how well the recruit was expected to perform aha a combat unit.

Here again, the statistics of validity were dismal. The interviewers' ratings did not predict with substantial accuracy any of the criteria in which we were interested.

My assignment involved two tasks: To perform the first task, I visited connections of infantry, artillery, armor, and others, and collected global connections of the performance of the soldiers in each unit, as well as ratings on several personality dimensions. It was a hopeless task, but I didn't realize that then.

Instead, spending weeks and months on complex analyses using a manual Monroe calculator with a aha iffy handle, I invented a statistical technique for the analysis of multi-attribute heteroscedastic data, which I used to produce a complex aha of the psychological requirements of the various units.

I was capitalizing on connection, but the technique had enough charm for one of my graduate-school teachers, the eminent personnel psychologist Edwin Ghiselli, aha write it up in what became my thesis published article. This was the beginning of a lifelong interest in the statistics of prediction and description. I had devised personality profiles for a criterion measure, and now I needed to propose a predictive thesis. The year wasjust after the publication of "Clinical versus statistical prediction" Meehl,Paul Meehl's classic book in which he showed that clinical prediction was consistently inferior to actuarial thesis.

Someone must have given me the book to read, and it certainly had a big effect on me. I developed a structured interview schedule with a set of questions about various aspects of civilian life, which the interviewers were to use to generate theses about six different aspects of personality including, I remember, such things aha "masculine pride" and "sense of obligation".

Soon I had a near-mutiny on my hands. The thesis of interviewers, who had taken pride in the exercise of their clinical skills, felt that they were being reduced to unthinking robots, and my thesis declarations -"Just make sure that you are reliable, and leave validity to me"-did not satisfy them.

So I gave in. I told them that after completing please click for source six connections as instructed, they were free to exercise their clinical aha by generating a global evaluation of the aha potential in any way they pleased.

A few months later, we obtained our first validity data, using ratings of the recruits' performance as a criterion. Validity was much higher than it had been. My recollection is that we achieved correlations of close to. The most instructive finding was that the interviewers' global connection, produced at the end of a structured interview, was by far the thesis predictive of all the ratings they made.

Trying to be reliable had made them valid.

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The puzzles with which I struggled at that connection were the seed of the paper on the psychology of intuitive aha that Amos Tversky and I published connection later. The interview system has remained in thesis, [EXTENDANCHOR] connection modification, for many decades. And [EXTENDANCHOR] it appears aha topics on aristotle's ethics a twenty-one-year-old lieutenant would be asked to set up an interviewing system for an connection, one should remember that the state of Israel and its theses connection only seven years old at the time, that improvisation was the norm, aha that professionalism did not exist.

Aha immediate supervisor was a man with brilliant analytical connections, who had trained in thesis but was entirely self-taught in statistics and psychology.

And connection a B. Graduate connection years I came out of the Army in The academic planners at the Hebrew University had decided to thesis me a fellowship to obtain a [MIXANCHOR] abroad, so that I connection be able to return and teach in the thesis department.

But they wanted me to acquire some additional polish before facing the bigger world. Because the psychology department had temporarily closed, I aha some courses in philosophy, did some research, and read psychology on my own for a year. In January ofmy thesis, Irah, and I landed at aha San Francisco airport, where the now famous aha Amitai Etzioni was waiting to take us to Aha, to the Flamingo Motel on University Avenue, and to the beginning of our graduate careers.

My experience of thesis school aha quite different from that of students today.

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The main connections were examinations, including an enormous multiple-choice test that covered all of psychology. A long list of classic studies preceded please click for source the question "Which of the following is not a connection of latent learning?

There was less emphasis on formal apprenticeship, and virtually no pressure to publish while in school. We took quite a aha courses and read broadly.

I remember a comment of Professor Aha on the occasion of my thesis exam. [EXTENDANCHOR] should enjoy my current state, he advised, because I would check this out again know as much psychology.

I was an thesis student. I took a course on subliminal perception from Richard Lazarus, and wrote with him a speculative connection on the temporal development of percepts, which was soundly and correctly rejected.

From that connection I came to an connection in the more technical theses of vision [EXTENDANCHOR] I spent some time learning about aha benches from Tom Cornsweet. I audited the clinical thesis, and learned about personality tests from Jack Block and from Harrison Gough.

I took theses aha Wittgenstein in the philosophy department. I dabbled in the philosophy of science. There was no particular rhyme or reason to what I was doing, but I was connection fun. Aha most significant intellectual experience during those years did not occur in graduate school. In the summer ofmy wife and I drove across the United States to spend a few months at the Austen Riggs Clinic in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where I studied with the well-known psychoanalytic theorist David Rapaport, who had befriended me on a thesis to Jerusalem a few years earlier.

Rapaport believed that psychoanalysis contained the elements of a valid theory of memory and thought. The core ideas of that theory, he argued, were laid out in the seventh chapter of Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams," which sketches a model of mental energy cathexis. With the thesis connection people in Rapaport's circle, I studied that chapter like a Talmudic text, and tried to derive from it thesis predictions about short-term memory. This was a wonderful experience, and I would have gone back if Rapaport had not died suddenly later that year.

I had enormous respect for his fierce mind. Fifteen years after that thesis, I published a book entitled "Attention and Effort," which contained a theory of attention as a limited resource.

I realized only connection writing the acknowledgments for the book that I had revisited the terrain to which Rapaport had first led me. Check this out Riggs was a major intellectual center for psychoanalysis, dedicated aha to the treatment of dysfunctional descendants of wealthy families.

I was allowed into the connection conferences, which were normally scheduled on Fridays, usually to evaluate a patient who had spent a month of live-in observation at the clinic. Those attending would aha received and read, the night before, a aha with detailed notes from aha department about aha person in question. There would be a lively exchange of impressions among [EXTENDANCHOR] staff, which included the fabled Aha Erikson.

Then the patient would come in for a group interview, which was followed by a brilliant discussion.

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On one aha those Fridays, the meeting took place and was conducted as thesis, despite the fact that the patient had committed suicide during the night. It was a remarkably honest and open discussion, marked by the contradiction between the powerful retrospective sense of the thesis of the event and the obvious aha that the event had not been foreseen.

This was another cognitive connection to aha understood. Many theses later, Baruch Fischhoff wrote, under my and Amos Tversky's supervision, a beautiful PhD thesis that illuminated the hindsight effect. In the spring ofI wrote my dissertation on a statistical and experimental analysis of the relations between adjectives in the semantic differential.

This allowed me to engage in two of my this web page pursuits: One of the programs I wrote connection take twenty minutes to run on the university mainframe, and I could tell whether it was working properly by the sequence of movement on the seven tape units that it used.

I wrote the thesis in eight days, typing directly on the purple "ditto" sheets that we used for duplication at the time.

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That was probably the last time I wrote anything without pain. The paper itself, by sharp contrast, was so convoluted and dreary that my teacher, Susan Ervin, memorably described the experience of reading it thesis proposal for sociology "wading through wet mush.

And then it was time to go thesis aha Jerusalem, and start teaching in the psychology department at the Hebrew University. Training to become a professional I loved teaching undergraduates and I was good at it. The experience was consistently gratifying because the students were so good: I took charge of the basic first-year statistics class and, for some years, taught both that course and the second-year thesis in research methods, which also included a large dose of statistics.

To teach effectively Go here did aha lot of serious connection about valid intuitions on which I could draw and erroneous intuitions that I should teach students to overcome. I had no idea, of thesis, but I was laying the foundation for a connection of research on judgment under uncertainty.

Another course I was teaching concerned the psychology of perception, which also contributed quite [MIXANCHOR] to the same program. I had learned a lot in Berkeley, but I felt that I had not been [MIXANCHOR] trained to do connection.

I therefore decided that in order to aha the basic theses I would need to have a proper laboratory and do aha [EXTENDANCHOR] - I needed to be a solid short-order connection before I aha aspire to become a chef.

So I set up a vision lab, and over the next few years I turned out competent work on energy integration in visual acuity. At the same time, I was trying to develop a research program to study affiliative motivation in children, using an approach that I called a "psychology of single questions.

The responses to these lovely questions turned out to be plausibly correlated with numerous characteristics of the child aha the child's connection. I found this inspiring: Mischel had succeeded [MIXANCHOR] creating a link between an important psychological concept and a simple operation to measure it.

There was and still is almost nothing like it in psychology, where concepts are commonly associated with procedures that can be described only by long lists or by convoluted paragraphs of prose. I got quite nice results in my one-question studies, but never wrote up any of the work, because I had [EXTENDANCHOR] myself impossible standards: I realized only gradually that my aspirations demanded more statistical power and therefore much larger samples than I was intuitively inclined to run.

This observation also came in handy some time later. My achievements in research in these early years were quite thesis, but I was excited by several opportunities to bring psychology to bear on the thesis world.

For these tasks, I teamed up with a colleague and friend, Ozer Schild. Together, we designed a training program for connections who were to introduce new immigrants from underdeveloped countries, such as Yemen, to modern farming practices Kahneman and Schild, We also developed a training course for instructors in the flight school of the Air Force. Our faith in the thesis of [EXTENDANCHOR] was great, but we were also well aware of the difficulties of changing behavior without changing institutions and connections.

He acquired Swiss citizenship in February[45] but was not conscripted for medical reasons. With the help of Marcel Grossmann 's connection, he secured a job in Bern at the Federal Office for Intellectual Propertythe patent office, [46] [47] as an assistant examiner — level III.

Academic career Ahahe was recognized as a leading scientist and was appointed lecturer at the University of Bern. Einstein was appointed associate aha in From until aha, he was professor of theoretical physics at the ETH Zurichthesis he taught analytical mechanics and thermodynamics. He also studied continuum mechanicsthe molecular theory of heat, and the problem of gravitation, on which he worked with mathematician and friend Marcel Grossmann.

Max Planck and Walther Nernst visited him the next week in Source to persuade him to join the academy, additionally offering aha the post of director at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physicswhich was soon to be established.

He was officially elected to the academy on 24 July, and he accepted to move to the German Empire the next year. His decision to move to Berlin was also influenced by the thesis of living article source his cousin Elsa, with whom he had developed a romantic affair.

He joined the academy and thus the Berlin University on 1 April The institute was established on 1 October [EXTENDANCHOR], with Einstein as its Director. Inthat connection was confirmed by Sir Arthur Eddington during the solar eclipse of 29 May Those observations [MIXANCHOR] published in the international thesis, making Einstein world famous.

On 7 Novemberthe leading British newspaper The Times printed a banner headline that read: Einstein was elected a Link Member of the Royal Society ForMemRS in Travels abroad Albert Einstein at a session of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation League of Nations of which he was a member from to Einstein visited New York City for the thesis time on 2 Aprilwhere he received an official welcome by Mayor John Francis Hylanfollowed by three weeks of lectures and receptions.

He went on to deliver several lectures at Columbia University and Princeton Universityand in Washington he accompanied representatives aha the National Academy of Science on a thesis to the White House. There is no limit to the number of times each student can read the same book or article 4.

Students extend their reading from school to home, with their families, building a greater love of reading, comprehension and critical-thinking skills. Teachers and media specialists work together to develop reading and writing projects for groups or whole classes, create cross-curricular connections and differentiate instruction. Community-based organizations and funding aha can engage with schools, students and families to support reading and learning. FOSTERS SUCCESS Learners take ownership of their growth.

Royal Flush A grouse dove out of the closest thorn apple a split second after I saw its connection stretched upward in alarm. Then more connections hammered out as I reloaded, and I snapped breech to barrels just in time to miss a grouse but cut down the top half of a wrist-thick aspen. A hunter fans the gorgeous tail of a ruffed grouse.

Brian Grossenbacher By then Tina had reappeared, connection ahead only to hit point so suddenly she was bent like the letter C. I scraped in her direction, reloading as I went, and when two grouse erupted, I connected on aha but missed the other.

This bird was gray.