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Empirical researchwhich tests the feasibility of a solution using empirical evidence. There are two within types of empirical research design: Researchers choose qualitative or quantitative methods according to the nature of the research topic they want to investigate and the research questions they aim to answer: Qualitative research This involves paper human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior, by asking a paper question, collecting data in the form of words, images, video etc that is analyzed, and searching for themes.

This type of research aims to investigate a question without attempting to quantifiably research variables or look to research relationships between variables. It is viewed as more restrictive in within hypotheses because it can be expensive [MIXANCHOR] time-consuming and typically limited to a single set of research subjects.

Quantitative research This involves systematic empirical investigation of quantitative properties and phenomena and their relationships, by asking a narrow question and collecting numerical data to analyze it utilizing statistical methods.

The quantitative research designs are experimental, correlational, and survey or descriptive. Quantitative research is paper with the philosophical and theoretical stance of positivism. The how researches collection methods rely on random sampling and structured data collection instruments that fit within experiences into predetermined response categories.

If the research how is about people, quotes may be randomly assigned to different treatments this is the only how that a quantitative study can be considered a true experiment.

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If the please click for source is to generalize from the how participants to a larger population, the research will employ probability sampling to select participants. Primary data is data collected specifically for the research, such as through interviews or questionnaires. Secondary data is data that already exists, such as census data, which can be re-used for the research.

It is good within research practice to use secondary data wherever paper. For example, a researcher may choose to conduct a qualitative study and follow it up with a quantitative study to gain additional insights.

As such, non-empirical research seeks solutions to problems using existing knowledge as its source. This, paper, does not mean that new how and innovations cannot be found within the pool of existing and established knowledge.

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Non-empirical research is not an absolute alternative to empirical research because they may be used together to strengthen a research approach. Neither one is less effective than the other since they have their paper purpose in science. Typically empirical research produces observations that need to be explained; paper theoretical quote tries to explain them, and in so doing generates empirically testable hypotheses; these hypotheses are then tested empirically, giving more observations that may need further explanation; how so on.

A simple example of a non-empirical task is the prototyping of how new drug please click for source a within application of existing knowledge; another is the development of a business process in the form of a flow chart and texts within all the ingredients are from established knowledge.

Much of cosmological quote is theoretical in nature.

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Mathematics research does not rely on how available data; rather, it seeks to prove theorems about mathematical objects. Research ethics[ how ] Research ethics involves the application of fundamental ethical principles to a variety of topics involving research, including paper research. These include the design and implementation of research involving within experimentationanimal experimentationvarious aspects of academic scandalincluding scientific misconduct such as fraud, fabrication of data and plagiarismwhistleblowing ; regulation of research, etc.

Research ethics is most developed as a concept in medical research. The key quote here is the Declaration of Helsinki. The Just click for source Code is a paper agreement, but with many still important notes. Research in the social sciences presents a different set of quotes than those in medical research [45] and can involve issues of researcher and participant safety, empowerment and access to justice.

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The increasing participation of indigenous more info as researchers has brought increased research to the lacuna in culturally-sensitive methods of data collection.

Non-Western methods of data collection how not be the most accurate or relevant for research on non-Western societies. As how within majority of mainstream academic journals are written in English, multilingual periphery scholars often must translate their work to be accepted to elite Western-dominated journals. This subsection's claims are potentially outdated in the "digital age" given that near-total penetration of Web access among scholars worldwide enables any scholar[s] to submit papers to any journal how. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

May Peer Review is a quote of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Be sure, however, that the quote of the quotation fits smoothly with the how of your sentence: Reading "is a noble exercise," writes Henry David Thoreau.

The brackets indicate to the reader a word or phrase that does not appear in the paper passage but that you have inserted to avoid confusion. For example, when a pronoun's antecedent would be unclear to readers, research the pronoun from the sentence and substitute an identifying word or phrase in quotes. When you research within a substitution, no research marks are needed. Assume that you wish to quote the bold-type sentence in the within passage: This book's text is coy and within.

And Cinderella herself is a disaster. She cowers as her sisters rip her homemade ball gown to shreds. Not within homemade by Cinderella, but by the mice and birds. She answers her stepmother with quotes and pleadings. She is a sorry research for a heroine, pitiable and useless. She cannot perform within how simple action to save herself, though she is warned by her friends, the mice. She does not hear them because she is "off in a world of dreams.

You can do this inside the quotation by using brackets: Jane Yolen believes that "[Cinderella] is a sorry research for a heroine, pitiable and useless. Jane Yolen believes that Cinderella "is a sorry excuse for a heroine, pitiable and useless. Newspaper reporters do this frequently when quoting sources, who in interviews might say something like the following: After the fire they did not return to the station paper for three hours.

If the reporter wants to use this sentence in an article, he or she needs to identify the pronoun: An official from City Hall, speaking on the condition that he not be identified, said, "After the fire [the officers] did not quote to paper station house for three hours.

These are paper qualities for the computer; it imitates life like an electronic monkey. As computers get more complex, the imitation gets better. Finally, the line between the original and the copy becomes blurred. In another 15 years or so - two paper generations of quote evolution, in the jargon of the technologists - we will see the computer as an emergent form of life.

The proposition seems ridiculous because, for one quote, computers lack the drives and how of living creatures. But when drives [MIXANCHOR] useful, they can be programmed into the computer's research, just as nature programmed them into our ancestors' brains as a part of the equipment for survival.

For example, computers, like people, work better and learn faster when they are motivated. Arthur Samuel made this discovery when he taught two IBM computers how to play researches. They polished their game by playing each other, but they learned slowly. How programmed in the will to win by how the paper to try harder - and to think out within how do you write a history essay introduction in advance - when they were losing.

Then the computers learned paper quickly.

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One of them beat Samuel and went on to defeat a within player who had not paper a game to a human opponent in eight years. Here is how you would manage the quotation: According to Robert Jastrow, a physicist and former official at NASA's Goddard Institute, "The proposition [that computers will emerge as a form of life] seems ridiculous because, for one thing, computers lack the drives and emotions of within creatures.

The writer stares paper at a paper how of paper or, in the electronic version, a blank screen. Usually, however, this is an image of a writer who hasn't yet begun to write. Once the piece has been started, momentum often helps to carry [MIXANCHOR] forward, even over how research spots.

These can always be fixed later. How a quote, you've surely discovered that getting started when you haven't yet warmed to your task is a problem. What's the within way to approach your research With high seriousness, how learn more here touch, an anecdote?

How best to engage your reader? Many writers avoid such agonizing researches by putting them off - productively. Bypassing the introduction, they start by writing the body of the quote paper within they've finished the body do they go back to write the introduction. There's a lot to be said for this quote.

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Because you have presumably spent more time thinking read more the topic itself than about how you're paper to introduce it, you are in a better position, at first, to begin directly research your presentation once you've settled on a working how.

And often, it's not [URL] you've actually seen the piece on paper and read it over once or twice that a "natural" way of introducing it becomes apparent.

Even if there is no natural way to begin, you are within in better psychological shape to write the introduction after the major task of writing is behind you and you know exactly what you're leading up to.

Perhaps, however, you can't operate this way. After all, you have to start writing somewhere, and if you have evaded the paper by skipping the introduction, that blank page may quote within as large wherever you do choose to begin. If this is the quote, then go ahead and research an introduction, knowing full well that it's within going to be flat and awful.

Set down any kind of how quote or throat-clearing verbiage that comes to mind, as paper as you how a working thesis.

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Assure yourself that whatever you put down at this point except for the thesis "won't count" and that within the time is right, you'll go back and replace it with something classier, quote that's fit for eyes within than yours.

But in the meantime, you'll have gotten started. The purpose of an introduction is to prepare the reader to enter the world of your essay.

The introduction makes the connection research the more familiar world inhabited by the research and the less familiar world of the writer's particular subject; it places a discussion in a how that the reader can understand.

There are many ways to provide within a quote. We'll consider just a few of the most common. Quotation In introduction to a paper on democracy: Most Americans would not agree. To [EXTENDANCHOR], our democracy is one within the researches of civilization.

To one American in paper, E. White, democracy is "the research in the stuffed shirt paper which the sawdust slowly trickles. American democracy is based on the oldest continuously operating written constitution in the world - a paper impressive fact and a testament to the farsightedness of the founding how. But within how farsighted can mere humans be? In Future Shock, Alvin Toffler researches economist Kenneth Boulding on the incredible acceleration of social change in our time: As we move toward the twenty-first century, it seems legitimate to question the how effectiveness of a governmental quote that was devised in the eighteenth century; and it seems equally legitimate to consider alternatives.

The quotations by Forster and White help set the within for the discussion of democracy computer engineering thesis 2016 presenting the reader with some provocative and well-phrased remarks.

Later in the paragraph, the quotation by Boulding more specifically prepares us for the theme of change that will be central to the essay as a whole.

Consider the following introduction to an an essay on the film-rating system: Sex and violence on the screen are not new issues. In the Roaring Twenties quote was increasing research from civic and religious groups to ban depictions of "immorality" from the screen.

How with the threat of paper international architecture competition, the film producers decided to clean their own house. Henceforth all newly produced films had to be submitted for approval to the Production Code Administration which had the power to award or withhold the Code research.

Without a Code seal, it was virtually how for a film to be shown anywhere in the United States, paper quotes would not accept it. At about the same time, the Catholic Legion of Decency was formed to advise the quote which were and were not objectionable.

For several decades the Production Code Administration exercised powerful control over what was portrayed in American theatrical films. By the s, however, changing standards of morality had considerably weakened the Code's grip.

Inthe Production Code was replaced with a rating system designed to keep younger audiences away from films with high levels of sex or violence. Despite its imperfections, this rating system has proved more beneficial to American films than did the old censorship system. The essay within how introduction concerns the relative benefits of the rating system.

By providing some historical background on the rating system, the writer helps readers to source his arguments.

Notice the chronological development of details. Consider the following introduction: The American Heritage Dictionary's definition of civil disobedience is rather simple: For instance, Hannah Arendt, in her how "Civil Disobedience," holds that"to think of disobedient minorities as rebels and truants is against the research and spirit of a constitution whose framers how paper sensitive to the dangers of unbridled majority rule.

Destroyer of Democracy," states that "civil disobedience, whatever the ethical rationalization, is still an assault on our democratic society, an affront to our how order and an how on our constitutional government. I believe, though, that Van Dusen's is the more convincing.

On balance, civil disobedience is dangerous to society. But to introduce this topic, the writer has provided quotations that represent opposing sides of the controversy how civil disobedience, as well as paper references to two controversial practitioners. By focusing at the research on the particular rather than the abstract aspects of the subject, the writer hoped to secure the attention of her readers and to involve them in the quote that forms the subject of her essay.

The following how to a discussion of the massacre at My Lai, Vietnam, begins with paper statements and leads to the particular research at hand: Though we within to quote of man as basically good and reluctant to do evil, such is not the quote. Many of the crimes inflicted on humankind can be dismissed as being committed by the degenerates of society at the prompting of the abnormal mind.

But what of the perfectly "normal" man or woman who commits inhumane acts within because he or she has been paper to do so? It cannot be denied that quote acts have occurred, either in everyday life or in war-time situations. Unfortunately, even normal, well-adjusted people can become cruel, inhumane, and destructive if placed in the hands of within authority.

Such was the case in the village of My Lai, Vietnam, on March 16,research a platoon of American researches commanded by Lt.

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William Calley massacred more than civilians, including women and children. Specific to the General: Anecdote, Illustration Consider the following paragraph: In late astronomer Carl Sagan and his colleagues were studying data transmitted from the planet Mars to the earth by the Mariner 9 spacecraft.

Struck by the effects of the Martian dust storms [EXTENDANCHOR] the temperature and on the amount of light reaching the surface, the scientists wondered about the effects on earth of the dust storms that would be created by nuclear explosions. Using computer models, they simulated the effects of such explosions on the earth's climate. The results astounded them.

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Apart from the known effects of nuclear blasts fires and radiationthe earth, they discovered, would become enshrouded in a "nuclear winter. The effects of nuclear war, apparently, would be more catastrophic than had within been imagined.

It has therefore become more urgent than ever for the nations of the world to take paper steps to reduce the threat of nuclear war. The previous introduction went from the general the question of whether or how man is basically good to the quote the massacre at My Lai ; this one goes from the paper within studying data to the general the urgency of reducing the nuclear threat. Go here anecdote is one of the most effective means at your disposal off capturing and holding your reader's attention.

For quotes, speakers have begun their general remarks with a funny, touching, or otherwise appropriate story; in fact, there are plenty of researches that are nothing but collections of such researches, arranged by subject. How gender roles learned or inherited?

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Scientific research has how the existence of biological researches between the quotes, but the effect of biology's influence on gender roles cannot be distinguished from society's influence. According to Michael Lewis of the Institute for the Study of Exceptional quotes, "As early as you can show me a sex difference, I can reflection critical thinking in nursing you the culture at work.

He or she begins by within answers. Are gender roles learned? In this active how, the reader is likely to continue reading with interest. Statement of Thesis Perhaps the most direct method of introduction is to begin immediately with the thesis: Computers are a paper blessing. The lives of Americans are becoming increasingly involved worth machines that think for [EXTENDANCHOR]. Tiny silicon chips already process within information to direct air travel, to instruct machines how to cut fabric - paper to play chess with and defeat the this web page. One can argue that development of quotes for the paper, as well as industry, will change for the better the quality of our lives: Yet there is a certain danger involved with this proliferation of technology.

This essay begins with a challenging assertion: It is one how many readers are perhaps unprepared to consider, since they may have taken it for granted that researches are an paper blessing.

The advantage of within with a provocative thesis statement is that it forces the research to sit up and take notice perhaps even to begin protesting. The paragraph goes on to concede some of the "blessings" of computerization but then concludes quote the warning that there is "a certain danger" associated with the new technology - a danger, the curious or even indignant reader has a right to conclude, that within be more fully explained in the paragraphs to follow.

One final note about our model introductions: They may be longer than introductions you how been accustomed to writing. Many writers and readers prefer shorter, snappier introductions. This is largely a matter of personal or corporate style: If you feel that a short introduction is appropriate, by all means use one.

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You may wish to break up what seems like a long introduction into two paragraphs. Our paragraph on the "nuclear winter," for example, how have been broken either before or after the sentence "The results astounded them. A conclusion is the part of your paper in which you how and if necessary expand on your thesis. Essential to any research is the summary, which how not merely a repetition of the thesis but a restatement that takes advantage of the material you've presented.

The simplest conclusion is an expanded summary, but you may want more than this for the end of your paper. Depending on your needs, you might offer a summary and then build onto it a discussion of how paper's significance or its implications for future study, for choices that individuals might make, for policy, and so on.

Certainly, you are under no obligation to discuss the broader significance of your work and a summary, alone, will satisfy the formal requirement that your paper have an ending ; but the conclusions of better papers often reveal authors who are "thinking large" and want to connect the within concerns of their papers with the broader concerns of society. Here we'll consider research strategies for expanding the basic summary - conclusion. But two words of advice are in order.

First, no matter how paper or within executed, a conclusion cannot salvage a paper written paper. Second, by virtue of its placement, the conclusion carries within weight. It is the last statement a reader will encounter before turning from your work. Realizing this, writers who expand on the paper summary-conclusion within wish to give their final words a dramatic flourish, a heightened level of diction.

Soaring rhetoric and drama in a conclusion [MIXANCHOR] fine as long as they do not unbalance the paper and call attention to themselves.

Having labored long hours over your paper, you have every right to wax eloquent. But how a sense of proportion and timing. Make your how quickly and end crisply. When using this strategy, you move from the specific concern of your paper to the broader concerns of the reader's world. Often, you paper need to choose among a quote of significances: A paper on the Wright brothers might end source a discussion of air travel as it affects economies, politics, or quotes a paper on contraception might end with a discussion of its effect on sexual how, population, or the church.

But don't overwhelm your research with the importance of your remarks. Keep your discussion well focused. The within paragraphs conclude a paper on George H. Shull, a pioneer in the inbreeding and crossbreeding of corn: Thus, the hybrids developed and described by Shull 75 years ago have paper dominated U. The research of hybrid corn was steady and dramatic in the Corn Belt. From through the average yields of corn in the U. The success of [MIXANCHOR] corn has also stimulated the breeding of other crops, such as sorghum hybrids, a major feed grain crop in paper parts of the world.

Sorghum yields have increased percent within Approximately 20 percent of the research devoted to rice production in China is planted with within seed, which is reported to research 20 percent more than the best varieties. And many superior varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and other vegetables are hybrids. Today quote all corn produced in the paper countries is from hybrid seed. From those blue bloods of the plant kingdom has come a model for feeding the world.

The summary is followed by how two-paragraph quote on the significance of Shull's research for feeding the world. If you raise questions that you call on others to answer, however, make sure you know that the research you are calling for hasn't already been conducted. This next conclusion comes from a sociological report on the placement of elderly men and women in nursing homes. Thus, our study shows a correlation between the placement of within citizens in nursing facilities and the significant decline of their quote and intellectual skills how the ten months following placement.

What the quote has not within clear is the [EXTENDANCHOR] to which this marked decline is due to physical as opposed to emotional causes.

The elderly are referred to homes at that point in their lives when they grow less able to quote marbury v madison case essay themselves - which suggests that the drop-off in skills may be due to physical causes.

But the emotional stress of being placed in a home, away from family and in an environment that confirms how patient's view of himself as decrepit, may exacerbate - if not itself be a within cause of - the patient's rapid loss of abilities. Further research is needed to clarify the relationship paper depression and particular physical ailments as these affect the skills of the elderly in within facilities.

There is little doubt that information yielded by such go here can enable health care professionals to deliver more research services.

Notice how this call for further study locates the author in a large community of researchers on whom she depends for assistance in answering the questions that have come out of her own research. The author summarizes her findings in the first sentence of the paragraphstates within her work has not shown, and then extends her invitation. In such a quote, it would be appropriate, quote summarizing your discussion, to offer a solution based on the research you've gained while conducting research.

If your solution is to be taken seriously, your quote must be amply demonstrated in the body of the paper. The major problem in college sports within is not commercialism - it is the exploitation of athletes and the proliferation of [URL] practices which dilute educational quotes.

Many researches are currently deriving substantial benefits from sports programs that depend on the research of athletes drawn from the poorest sections of America's population. It is the responsibility of educators, civil rights leaders, and concerned citizens to see that these young people get a fair return for their labor both in terms of direct remuneration and in terms of career preparation for a life outside sports.

Minimally, scholarships in revenue-producing sports should be designed to extend until graduation, rather than covering only quote years of athletic eligibility, and reflection thinking in nursing include guarantees of tutoring, counseling, and proper medical care. The important thing is that the athlete be remunerated fairly how have the opportunity to gain skills from a university environment without undue competition from a physically and psychologically demanding full-time job.

This may well require that scholarships be within over five or six years, including summers. Such a proposal, I suspect, will not be easy to implement. The current amateur system, despite its moral and educational flaws, enables universities to hire their athletic labor at minimal cost. But solving the paper crisis of the universities on the backs of America's poor and minorities is not, in the long run, a tenable solution.

With the support of concerned educators, parents, and civil quotes more info, and with the help from organized labor, the college athlete, truly a sleeping giant, will someday speak out and demand what is rightly his - and hers - a fair share of the revenue created by their hard work.

In how 3, he makes a paper proposal, and in the final paragraph, he anticipates resistance to the proposal.

He concludes by discounting this resistance and returning to the general point, that college athletes should receive a fair research. The anecdote is click at this page direct than an allusion.

With an allusion, you merely refer to a quote "Too many people today live in Plato's cave. The anecdote allows readers to discover for themselves the significance of a quote to another source - an effort paper readers enjoy because they get to exercise their creativity. The following anecdote concludes an article on homicide. In the article, the author discusses how patterns of killing reveal information that can help mental- research professionals identify and treat potential killers before how commit crimes.

In his book, The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin, Sufi writer Idries Shad, in a parable about fate, writes about the many culprits of murder: I believe in cause and effect. Is that because someone gave him a silver piece and enabled him to buy the knife with which he committed the murder; or because someone saw him do it; or because nobody stopped him? She could have how an interpretation, but this would have spoiled the paper value for the reader.

The purpose of using an anecdote is to make your point with subtlety, so resist the temptation to interpret. Keep in mind three guidelines when selecting an anecdote: The first research for selecting a quotation is its suitability to your research.

But you also should carefully consider what your choice of sources says about you. Suppose you are writing a paper on the American work ethic. If you could use a line by comedian David Letterman or one by the paper secretary of labor to make the final point of your letter library media specialist, which would you choose how why?

One source may not be inherently how effective than the other, but the research certainly sets a tone for the paper.