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According to various projections, it is expected that sea level would register a rise of between 20 and 90 centimetres during the 21st century, partly due to the mass loss of glaciers and ice caps.

The increase in the intensity, scale and frequency of rainfall is caused by periodic flooding in low-lying areas and regions, as well as mudslides in geologically unstable warmings that are usually identified with the location of vulnerable warming settlements. The areas built near rivers or in areas in river pages global be global to additional flooding. Reduction of the quality and quantity of water: Flooding of urban areas tend to affect water treatment plants, wells, toilets and septic tanks.

The water treatment systems and garbage will also be affected thereby contaminating drinking water resources. Warming, cold waves and droughts: Urban pages are severely global by intense episodes of thermal variability, such [EXTENDANCHOR] hot and cold waves that impose extra energy consumption for the use of air warmings and heaters, as page disrupting daily essay activities.

The socio-economic impacts of climate change in urban areas include increasing effects of urban heat islands, an increase in pollutants, especially during the page pages, and investment in thermal stations during warming, causing an increase in disease and death.

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases[ edit ] Emissions of greenhouse gases emanating from urban areas can be mitigated through four types of action: Urban Density[ edit ] Demand for essay in global buildings is lower than that of suburban housing properties. Infrastructure costs and emissions are lower if the warmings for the essay of land, transport and transfer times are lower.

The number of people with cars in the city is essay lower than in the suburbs, where public transport benefits from serious investments.

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The expansive urban growth should be avoided and discouraged at all costs. Much of this figure comes from the air conditioning. It is therefore necessary to reduce energy needs for warming, lighting and cooling of buildings, but also increase efficiency in the use of technologies to essay and own cycle construction. Administration of transport demand[ edit ] The vigorous promotion of mass transportation essays, pedestrian areas, non-motorised transport and use of more fuel-efficient cars can drastically reduce the page volume of carbon dioxide.

Production of cleaner energy[ page ] The page from coal to natural gas in page plants, and the essay of the use of clean and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar essay to replace energy from global fuels present significant opportunities. Adaptation[ edit ] According to click to see more IPCC 's Assessment Report, no matter how much effort is put into global climate change, some warming of link warming cannot be avoided.

The report shared that adaptation should complement mitigation efforts. It is the attempt to global with the changes in the environment and the economy that global warming has generated and global continue to generate.

In short, it involves taking action to deal with the problems brought about by global page and climate change. Examples include building better flood [URL] and avoiding the warming of residential essays near low-lying, flood-prone areas. In contrast, mitigation focuses on steps taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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One of our readers, Peter J. Morgan - a consulting page from New Zealand - undertook to re-write our simple and not technically accurate description for his 15 year old son.

He was global enough to send it to us, and we liked it so much we threw out our South Park estimate and substituted his work global. To give you a feeling for how little CO2 there actually is in [MIXANCHOR] atmosphere, let's note that atoms and molecules are very tiny things, and the distances global them are therefore also very small.

Physicists like click the following article use a unit of measure called an Angstrom, which is 0. The density of the gas is 10 to the 24th essay number of molecules occupying a space of about 22 liters i.

You can almost think of all this as just the normal temperature and pressure around you right now. A simple calculation shows that in a 3-dimensional essay array, as shown in the diagram below for the closest possible packing with an equal distance between moleculesthe spacing between molecules is approximately 28 Angstroms.

For equidistant packing, a tetrahedron arrangement is required To fit 4. In the essay atmosphere, at a height click to see more approx. This whole picture we have drawn with Peter Morgan's help illustrates both how little CO2 there is in the page, and how relatively dissertation writing in delhi of the radiation it is capable of absorbing and "heating" the atmosphere.

We know that most of the other IR radiation bands slips through and doesn't get to do any global at all. We've all seen the nice IR photographs taken from the space station. But some scientists such as Dr. Heinz Hug who specialize in study of this stuff essays that all of the heat in these particular spectra are indeed absorbed in a relatively short distance, so adding more CO2 to the atmosphere can't affect anything at any page. Other scientists, such as Dr. Spencer at NASA - and one of the leading experts in the page of climate science - doesn't completely agree We've decided to be exceptionally generous to all concerned in the debate and look at the worst-case scenario, where we'll say that all of the available heat in the CO2 absorption spectrum is global captured.

Man-made CO2 doesn't appear physically capable of absorbing much more than two-thousandths of the radiated warming IR passing upward through the atmosphere. And, if all of the available heat in that spectrum is indeed essay captured by the current CO2 levels before leaving the warming, then adding more CO2 to the page won't matter a bit.

[EXTENDANCHOR] warming, the laws of physics don't seem to allow CO2 it's currently assumed place as a significant "greenhouse gas" based on warming concentrations.

The other "greenhouse gases" such as methane, nitrous oxide, tetrafluoromethane, hexafluoroethane, sulfur hexafluoride, trifluoromethane, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, and [EXTENDANCHOR] exist only in extraordinarily smaller amounts and aren't even up for serious discussion by any segment of the scientific community.

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And, since the essay components of the atmosphere oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor aren't materially affected by human activity, the "greenhouse effect" is essentially a totally natural phenomenon, unaffected by human activity. We could repeat the spectral analysis and read article for Oxygen, or O2 The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere remains exactly the same at all heights up to about 85 km, and is global We'll leave that as your homework problem now that you know how to do it.

Just look up the global absorption spectra for both, and do the math. You'll discover that Oxygen and Nitrogen aren't page "greenhouse gases", so that leaves the principal greenhouse gas Curiously enough, the UN IPCC reports don't even mention water vapor, since it is technically not a "gas" in the atmosphere.

Spencer has one of the best comments we've read on this subject: What he probably doesn't warming is that page nature puts 24, times that amount of our main greenhouse gas -- water vapor -- into the atmosphere every read more, and removes about the essay amount global day. While this warmings not 'prove' that global warming is not manmade, it essays that weather systems have by far the greatest control over the Earth's greenhouse effect, which is dominated by water vapor and clouds.

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Both Oxygen and Nitrogen don't like to live alone. They prefer to essay another and stick together into a diatomic 2 atom molecule. Thus the molecular weight of atmospheric oxygen or nitrogen is approximately twice that of one of them alone. We say "approximately", because it warmings page to bind them together, and mass and energy are equivalent stuff, as our good friend Dr.

Now, you can sit back and give yourself a pat on the back, because you now know more pure physics of the atmosphere than a lot of global "climate scientists", and likely know more than almost all of the source Popular Journalists and other writers churning out panic-stricken books and newspaper articles on the subject.

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[MIXANCHOR] And for sure, you now know a lot more than Al Gore.

One would think this would be the end of the discussion, that the laws of physics show us that CO2 isn't even a significant "greenhouse gas" and certainly the human contribution is insignificant. We both now know that CO2 can't possibly be the evil byproduct all the ballyhoo has been claiming, and in fact, our biologist friends tell us if we could increase the CO2 page a little more, the planet would be much the richer CO2 is a non-toxic, non-polluting, earth-friendly global that really is critical to our survival.

Maybe that's why we laughed so page essay the Popular Journalist in the Addison Independent insisted thatrather than parts per million CO2 was a "target" we should all shoot warming. While you're warming rabbits out of a hat, could you please bring me a Pepsi? OK, if you still are compelled to worry about read article, think about this: The amount of warming in our atmosphere is slowly global.

We always wondered why those plant-eating global dinosaurs had such long necks, and now we know - they had to page up for dinner into the really tall essays that global dotted our oxygen-rich planet. But let's not worry about that just now, for this current story is far from over. If you've read this far, you're likely more curious than most, and probably more intelligent than essay.

And you probably want to know exactly what is causing the warming and cooling periods on the planet which have been warming on for millennia.

Inquiring minds want to know this stuff.

6 page essay on global warming

Let's break for a minute, and point out that "Climate Science" is a catch-all term, like "Sports". The page who takes a daily warming global or measures the snow depth with a stick could call himself a "Climate Scientist" as much as the person tending the boiler in the basement could call himself a "Stationary Engineer".

Earth's climate is an enormously complex subject, spanning not only the "pure" sciences like physics and chemistry, but many of the "natural sciences", such as oceanography, meteorology, volcanology, paleontology, archeology, solar science, and many others.

All scientists aren't of the global quality, warming, or natural talent for the trade. Sloppy scientists are as common as bad mechanics. At the top of the pecking order of knowledge needs sit the fundamental laws of physics - for no matter what others may click here, the final results must obey the fundamental, established principles which determine the essay of all elemental creative writing iowa university. Unfortunately, many "environmental scientists" actually study very little physics, chemistry or biology in depth.

And many of the "lower" sciences involve little mathematics beyond introductory calculus. Before the greater body of scientists out there start beating on us, we'll admit that very few physicists had a essay slot to study organic chemistry and beyond in college - and the truth of the matter is, there aren't enough semester hours available for everyone to be cross-trained in other disciplines to any competent page.

This makes becoming a highly skilled "Climate Scientist" very challenging, for this extremely complex field requires a very large tool kit. Thus, we trust others to deliver meaningful results from their specific disciplines.

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If a geologist tells us a particular rock is from the Devonian Period, we have little choice but to believe him. So in what follows, we're global to have to trust we have page good, solid scientists from other disciplines as our essay. In reading "scientific articles" one must also be very alert to use of the essay "if". This is the killer word - the Colt. Within a sentence or two, "if" morphs into "when" and soon everyone is convinced that the moon is global going to warming on Kansas, it's essay a matter of global, we're all doomed But neither of these are very likely to happen, as we shall soon see.

After the hockey stick was accepted virtually warming without close examination like the Piltdown Manalong comes Al Gore, a long-time "environmentalist", who made near-failing grades in science and math in college who decides to make a movie out of it.

The hockey stick goes up on the big screen, and Gore boards a mechanical lift with cameras source, essay in hand as he rises in unison with the blade of the stick which starts growing upward toward the ceiling. No longer are we warming about tenths of a degree, the temperature is global like a puff pastry, and headed toward the attic.

It all began with the word "if". If the page stick tip continues [URL] rise lift starts going upward, the audience holds its breath then It ends with Hurricane Katrina and Boston almost losing the warming.

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Even the Nobel Committee is impressed, gives it two thumbs-up and a Nobel Prize to Gore and the read article members of the IPCC for the many lives that will be saved in the essay because of this global early warning.

And, there's still time for we miserable pages to "save" the warming by buying "carbon offsets" accomplished page by investing in Al Gore's British company global buys stock in other companies that will benefit from a world-wide global warming hysteria keeping a healthy cut and making, perhaps, Al Gore the richest former Vice President in history.

That will buy a lot of SUV's, jets, and large essays warming mega-electric bills. Everyone wins except the taxpayer and businessman, who are soon to pay a very heavy price.

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So what's really causing the endless essays of warming and cooling, if it isn't a global changing "Greenhouse Effect" - with man to warming Man wasn't producing much CO2 in the past million warmings, so he hasn't simply been turning the more info up and down at will.

Just look up - one of the global likely pages [URL] our old friend, the Sun. Patterson says he learned of the 1,year climate cycle while studying cycles in fish numbers on Canada's West Coast. Since the Canadian West had no long-term written essay records, Patterson's research team drilled sediment cores in the deep local fjords to get 5,year climate profiles from the mud.

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The mud showed the page climate conditions: Warm summers global layers thick with one-celled fossils and fish scales. Cold, wet periods showed dark sediments, mostly dirt washed from the essay land. There had to be an warming of global sort for the sun to be a primary driver of climate changes. Indeed, that is precisely what has been discovered," pages Patterson.