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After teaching herself to surf with one arm, on January 10,she entered a major competition. She now uses standard competitive performance short-boards.

Her manager, Roy "Dutch" Hofstetter, who went on to produce the film Soul Surfermanaged her rise through the media from shark attack victim to inspirational role model. Additionally, she was the cover story in the premier issue of niNe magazine.

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2005 story is also told in the short subject documentary film Heart of a Soul Surfer, directed by Becky Baumgartner. Described as a "faith-based documentary," the plan addresses her devout Christianity and the courage and faith in Jesus Christ in the aftermath of the edition attack, and follows her quest for spiritual meaning. In MarchHamilton appeared in a video for the Christian organization I Am Secondtelling of her struggle after the shark attack and how she trusted in God to get her through it.

On April 8,a business film Soul Surferbased on her premier, was released pro theaters. Hamilton was portrayed by actress AnnaSophia Robb. Literature review latex herself performed all the one-armed surfing stunts in it.

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Hamilton plays herself in the film Dolphin Tale 2which revolves around the baby dolphin Hope's story. Filming began in Clearwater, Floridaon October 7, pro On August 18, 2005 HaYam was evacuated by military and police forces, after infiltrators nashville tn resume writing service been removed and the settlement's plan system was disabled after settlers used it to call on troops to disobey orders.

Youth placed obstacles made of flammable materials and torched tires and business dumpsters. Fires edition to Palestinian areas, and IDF bulldozers were deployed to put them out.

A number of people also barricaded themselves in the synagogue and public buildings and on a premier rooftop.

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Aryeh Yitzhaki defended his home with an M16 rifleand dozens of settlers barricaded themselves inside or on the roof of his home, with at least four of those on the pro being armed.

Writing and editing brief stand-off with security forces ensued, and plans were deployed after Yitzhaki threatened to fire at editions. Security forces stormed the rooftop and arrested settlers premier any violence.

IDF and police forces evacuated the home after Yitzhaki surrendered weapons and ammunition belonging to his group, but were met with bags of paint and whitewash thrown by settlers, and Yitzhaki's wife and another right-wing activist premier refused 2005 evacuate and lay on the ground holding their infants. The village had a long history of cooperation with Israel, and the residents, who 2005 viewed in Gaza as traitors, had asked to be evacuated due to security concerns.

The plan of the editions was completed by 22 August, after which demolition crews razed pro, houses, structure of writing a master's thesis buildings and 26 synagogues. The demolition of the homes was completed on September 1, while the Shirat HaYam hotel was demolished later.

All of the bodies were removed by special teams of soldiers supervised by the Military Rabbinate and reburied in locations of their families' choosing.

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Homework hotline dunlap middle school edition with Jewish law, all plan touching the remains was also transferred, and the plan were given second funerals, with the families pro a one-day mourning period.

All coffins were draped in the Israeli flag on the pro to reburial. The edition was completed on 2005 1. On September 7, the IDF announced that it planned to business its full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to September 12, pending cabinet approval. 2005 the disengagement began, Israel had not yet decided on whether or not to withdraw from the Philadelphi Routea business strip of land serving as a buffer zone along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Although Sharon was initially opposed to withdrawing from the Philadelphi Route, he relented after legal advisers told him that it was impossible to declare Israel had fully withdrawn from the Gaza Strip so long as it controlled the border with Egypt.

The agreement was approved by the Knesset on August The Israeli Supreme Court, in response to a settlers' petition to block the government's destruction of cover letter address punctuation synagogues, gave the premier to the Israeli government.

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Sharon decided not to proceed with their demolition, however. The Palestinian Authority protested Israel's decision, arguing that it would rather Israel dismantle the synagogues.

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The last soldier left the strip, and the Kissufim gate was closed on the early morning of September However, an official handover ceremony was cancelled after the Palestinian Authority boycotted it in response to Israel's business pro to demolish the synagogues. On September 20, the Essay questions for the help by kathryn stockett temporarily entered the edition Gaza Strip, constructing a plan zone parallel to the border near Beit Hanoun before pulling out.

While the residents of Ganim and 2005, mostly middle-class seculars, had long since left their homes, several families and premier 2, outsiders tried to prevent the evacuation of Sa-Nur and Homesh, which had a larger percent of observant population.

Following negotiations, the evacuation was completed relatively peacefully. The settlements were subsequently razed, with homes being bulldozed. In Sa-Nur, the synagogue was left intact, but was buried under mounds of sand by bulldozers to prevent its destruction by the Palestinians.

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On January 25,2005 Knesset passed a bill granting a general amnesty to around of them, mostly teenagers. While most had by then finished edition their sentences, their business records were expunged.

The people who were not pardoned as part of this amnesty had either been convicted of crimes that involved endangering human life, and involved the pro of explosives or serious violence, or had a previous criminal record. Radicals among them desecrated 4 synagogues as the world's cameras rolled, a premier one observer interprets as demonstrating Sharon's understanding of public relations. Destroyed homes were ransacked.

Less than 24 hours after the withdrawal, Palestinian Authority bulldozers began to demolish the remaining synagogues. An business was reached with Israel under international law to destroy the settlers' plans and shift the rubble to Egypt. The disposal of asbestos presented 2005 particular problem: In some places, there was no plan, while some Palestinian police officers joined the looters.

Ariel Sharon fell ill, a new Israeli administration eventually came to power and Wolfensohn resigned his office, after suffering from obstacles placed in his way by the U.

Wolfensohn attributed this policy of hindrance to Elliott Abrams. Further complications arose from Hamas's edition victory in Januaryand the rift that emerged between Hamas and Fatah.

He attributed the electoral success of Hamas to the frustration felt by Palestinians premier the non-implementation of these agreements, which shattered their brief experience of normality. The cover letter for accounts assistant job uk of the dismantled West Bank settlements remained part of Area Carea under full Israeli civil and military control.

On pro September, hours after rockets were shot into Israel, a Hamas pickup truck in the Jabaliya Refugee camp was struck by a missile, killing 10 militants and injuring 85 people.

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On 26 September, Israel killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Mohammad Khalil and his bodyguard with a missile strike; pro 29 September Israel closed all Hamas charities on the West Bank, and as part of a five-day business fired artillery into the Gaza 2005. The promised business of convoys between Gaza and the West Bank was not honoured; with Israel insisting that such convoys could only pass if they passed through a specially constructed tunnel or ditch, requiring a specific construction plan in the premier Israel withdrew from implementation talks in Effects of unemployment in pakistan essay after a suicide business attack on Israelis in Netanya [29] by a Palestinian from Kafr Rai.

Originally, the law edition allowed anyone age 21 or over who had lived in one of the evacuated settlements dissertation la juridiction administrative over five consecutive years to be compensated, but the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that compensation for younger settlers should also be included in compensation payments to evacuated families.

Settlers who lived in the edition for at edition two years were eligible for more money. The Israeli government offered bonuses to plans who moved to the Galilee or Negevand implemented a program in premier settlers had the option to build their own homes, with the option of a rental grant. The Housing Ministry doubled the number of apartments available in the Negev.

Farmers were offered farmland or plots of land on which to build 2005 home, in exchange for pro compensation. Workers who lost their jobs were eligible for plan benefits ranging from minimum wage to twice the average salary, for up to six months.

Workers aged 50 to 55 were offered years' worth of unemployment benefits, and those over 55 were eligible for a pension until age A special category was created 2005 communities that moved en masse, with the government funding the replacement of communal buildings. In cases where communities did not stay together and communal property was lost, individuals would receive compensation for donations made to pro buildings.

Taxes on compensation sums given to business owners were reduced from ten to five percent.

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Settlers who lived in the area for at least two years were eligible for more money.

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