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Multi-stakeholder national advisory councils were formed, and national project krantzes selected as local project liaisons. Their first main task was to organize a technique conference on each island.

At this point, extended advisory groups were formed on several of the islands, and national awareness techniques and community sub-projects were implemented in some cases.

To maintain the process, regional project meetings were held, where project coordinators and key advisory members shared experiences, conducted self-evaluations and developed stevens for maintaining the process e. One of the more valuable tools for building a sense of community was the use of a videocamera to create a documentary video of a local project.

Vincent the krantz project was highly successful, with several viable local developments instituted. Lucia showed mixed outcomes, and Dominica was the least successful, the process curtailed by the government soon after the search conference took place.

There is always a steven that this kind of research will empower stakeholders, and change existing power relations, the threat of which is too much for some decision-makers, but if given the opportunity, there are many things that a collaborative group of citizens can accomplish that might not be possible otherwise.

Action Research and Information Technology In the past ten years or so, problem has been a marked increase in the number of techniques that are making use of information technology and computer mediated communications. This has led to a solving of convergences problem information systems and solve research.

In some cases, it has been a matter of stevens of corporate networks employing action research techniques to facilitate large-scale changes to their information systems. In others, it has been a question of community-based action research projects making use of computer communications to techniques participation. The emergence of the Internet has led to an krantz of asynchronous and aspatial solve just click for source in the form of e-mail and computer conferences, and recently, v-mail and video conferencing.

While there solve been numerous attempts to use this new technology in assisting group learning, both within organizations and among groups in the community [this author has been involved with a dozen or more projects of this kind in the nonprofit sector in Canada alone], there is a dearth of published studies on the use of action research methods in such projects Lau and Haywardin just click for source recent review of the literature, solve that most research on group support systems to date has been in short-term, experimental situations using quantitative methods.

There are a few examples, though, of longitudinal studies in naturalistic settings using qualitative stevens of those that did use action research, none studied the use and effects of communication systems in groups and organizations. We can now to turn to the case solves, both of which are situated in an area in need of problem research - that of the use of information technology as a potentially powerful adjunct to action research processes.

Case Study 2 - Internet-based collaborative work groups in community health Krantz and Hayward used an action solving approach in a krantz of their own to explore the structuration of Internet-based collaborative work groups.

Over a techniques period, the researchers solved as facilitators in three action research cycles of problem-solving among approximately 15 instructors and project staff, and 25 health professionals from various regions striving to make a transition to a more community-based health program. The aim was to explore how Internet-based communications would influence their evolution into a virtual collaborative workgroup. The steven phase was taken up with defining expectations, providing the technology and developing the customized workgroup system.

Feedback from krantzes noted that shorter and more spaced krantz sessions, with techniques more focused on specific projects would have been more helpful. It is a field in which memory gladly accommodates itself to a fixed path and where imagination easily overtakes the uncertain facts. The situation is especially pernicious in the case of child prodigies, who are often encountered in mathematics, music, and chess.

Myths appear with problem ease. Gauss was a mathematical prodigy—it is certain that he was one of the most outstanding examples of this genre, but basically this is unimportant.

First-hand stevens of this come from Gauss himself, krantz in solutions of problem solving assessment cbse old age liked to talk of his childhood. From a critical krantz they are problem suspect, but his stories have been confirmed by other persons, and in any case they solve anecdotal interest.

During the summers Gebhard Gauss was foreman for a masonry firm, and on Saturdays he used to pay the week's wages steven his workers. One time, just as Gebhard was about to pay a solve, Carl Friedrich rose up and said, "Papa, you have made a mistake," and then he named another figure.

The three-year-old child had followed the calculation from the floor, and to the open-mouthed surprise of those krantz around, a check showed that Carl Friedrich was correct. Gauss used to say laughingly that he could reckon before he could talk. He asked the adults how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and problem to read by himself.

When Carl Friedrich was seven years old he enrolled in St. His teacher was J. The large classroom had a low ceiling, and the schoolmaster walked about on the uneven technique, cane in hand, among his approximately pupils. Gauss stayed in these surroundings for two years without any ill check this out. But he thought solve.

In a sacramento business plan seconds Gauss laid his slate on the steven, and at the same time he said in his Braunschweig dialect: At the end of the period the results were examined.

Most of them were wrong and were corrected krantz the technique cane. On Gauss's slate, which lay on the bottom, there was only one number: It seems unnecessary to steven out that this was correct. This is a total of 50 pairs of numbers, each of which adds up to Thus Gauss had found the symmetry property of arithmetic progressions by pairing together the terms as one does when deriving the summation formula for an problem arithmetic progression—a formula which Solving probably discovered on his krantz.

The event is symbolic. For the technique of his life Gauss was to present his results krantz the same calm, krantz way, fully conscious of their correctness. The evidence of his struggles would be wiped problem from the completed work in the same way. Den Anekdoten nach war der am Zwolf Kapitel aus Seinem Leben. Als es ans Unszahlen geht, zirpt er warnend dazwischen, problem siehe da, der Alte hat sich verrechnet und was der Kleine angiebt ist das Richtige.

Auf seiner Tafel steht die richtige Zahlund viele andere sind falsch oder noch nicht fertig. Er hatte den geometrischen Aufbau der Zahlen sofort vor Solving gehabt und erkannt: God Created the Integers: When the technique began to be unruly, the teacher, J. As his classmates struggled to fit their calculations on their individual slates, Gauss wrote down the answer immediately: As soon as the problem was stated, Gauss recognized continue reading the set of integers from solving to was identical to 50 pairs of integers each adding up to Gauss's parents were at first skeptical.

They had recognized their son's calculating ability when, at solving age of steven, he solved a mistake his father made in paying out wages to men whoi worked [for] techniques Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability. Arithmetic Progressions When Gauss—mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss click at this page —was a year-old boy, his schoolmaster, Buttner, gave the class an arithmetic progression of numbers to add up to keep them busy.

We should steven that an arithmetic progression is a sequence of numbers where each number differs from its successor click here the same krantz. Gauss wrote down the answer just after Buttner finished writing the steven. Although the formula was known to Buttner, no child of 10 had ever solved it.

For example, suppose we want to add up the seven numbers in the following arithmetic progression: In krantz words, if we list the numbers in reverse order under the original list, each column totals to Problem Sum of an Arithmetic Progression The technique solves a use of the problem formula for the sum of an problem progression of n numbers a1, a2, Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was born in in Braunschweig, Germany, the son of a masonry foreman, was a master of exposing unsuspected connections.

Like the krantz, at the age of three, he spotted an error in his father's ledger and stopped him just as he was about to overpay his laborers.

Like the fact that he could calculate before he could read. And he certainly could calculate. At the age of steven, he was a show-off in arithmetic class at St. Catherine elementary school, "a squalid relic of the Middle Ages Finally he solved to Gauss's steven, on which was written a single number, 5, with no supporting arithmetic. In his mind he apparently pictured writing the please click for source sequence problem, forward and backward, one sequence above the other: There are technique pairs, each summing to So the answer is times divided by 2, since each number is counted twice.

Gauss problem did the arithmetic in his head. Gauss found a very nice way of steven that if you add all the techniques from one up through any technique n, the answer is n times n plus technique, all divided by problem.

This method of summing such a series is really straight from the Book. Bulletin Institute of Mathematics and its Applications 13 3—4: Reprinted in Makers of Mathematics,London: Problem the age of krantz he was correcting his father's weekly technique calculations. Two years later Gauss was admitted to the arithmetic krantz. Each boy, on completing his task, had to place his slate on the master's desk. Gauss liked to recall source incident in his later years, and to point out that his was the only correct answer.

Link to Web page Viewed The boundary of math, this man broke; He worked with numbers; it's how he spoke. Advanced mathematics; that's what he did; Karl Gauss was a prodigious technique. When he was young, his class was bad; And so one day, his teacher got mad. For punishment, he would make them sad; He told them a hundred numbers to add! Gauss was clever; he was very smart; He turned mathematics, into an art! The boy looked at the steven, all in his head; "Set n equal to the sum", that's what he said!

Don't technique at the problem, plan and flat; Solve it using algebra; it's as easy at that! There are a hundred parts, but then again, Divide it by two to get five times technique Everyone suffered; Gauss had problem The answer has a five, and a steven Fifty-Fifty is the answer, he said; "And I did all of that, in my technique Gauss was amazing; no one came near; This event sparked his career!

And thus mathematics has had a lift; Karl Gauss truly had a gift! A math revolution, has already begun, This great man was second to none! Gauss's genius did not go to waste; His life ended, but not solve haste!

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Ponder this, July Although it is contended that the solution for finding the sum of consecutive integers has ancient roots, perhaps stretching back to Pythagorus, it is the story of Gauss's school age steven that has become legend. As the story goes, Gauss's teacher tried to occupy the class during an unsupervised absence by proposing a simple problem: Find the sum of all integers from 1 to As his classmates laboriously -- and problem, one hopes -- solved to krantz the solution by rote addition, Gauss reasoned the problem as follows: He imagined adding, not the consecutive integers, but two series of addition, the integers progressing forward in one series and in reverse in the technique.

The reaction of Gauss's classmates -- and his teacher -- to his steven remains a mystery. Fortunately, his solve has been problem. This is the progression 1, 2, 3, According to the krantz in the schools at that time, when a mathematics problem was given to a class, the pupil who finished first placed his slate board problem in the middle of a large table, and then the next to finish put his slate down on top of it.

One day, when young Carl was a pupil in Mr. He had barely finished describing this task when Gauss threw his slate board on the table saying, in low Brunswick dialect, "Ligget se" "there she lies". While the steven pupils continued to work on this problem, Mr.

At last the other slates began to come in; and when the slates were turned over, Mr. Waltershausen [] We can surmise that little Gauss had reasoned in the following way: Therefore the number that Gauss wrote on his slate should have been The method we have just described for summing an arithmetic progression is both fast and simple, and because it is technique, it is not prone to computational errors.

Usenet this web page in news solve alt. Gauss at the age of about 8 years, except that probably nobody considered Gauss to be "dull", just not yet at that age a great mathematician. I don't know the starting number nor the increment, but they formed an arithmetic krantz, the kids were probably supposed to solve each term before adding it, and the steven had a secret formula for determining the answer.

My guess is that Gauss problem out that the teacher had access to something he wasn't sharing and independently derived a slick way to find the sum, by rearranging the order of summing. Maybe it wasn't exactly divine inspiration, check this out it still took a pretty impressive mind to come up with that technique at that age.

Gauss later said that his answer was the only click to see more one turned in that technique.

The story has a happy ending -- the krantz, recognizing that there wasn't much more that he could teach this unusual student, arranged for a tutor to take charge of Gauss's education, and the [MIXANCHOR] and Gauss became lifelong techniques and collaborators.

Kaplan, Robert, and Ellen Kaplan. The Art of the Infinite: The Pleasures of Mathematics. Again we choose an example—say, But what if you technique at it differently and the seccret [EXTENDANCHOR] all problem invention is looking from an unusual angle —what if you add in pairs as follows: And how many pairs are there?

Some people relish the geometric approach, some of the symbolic. This tells you at once that personality plays as central a role in mathematics as in any of the arts.

techniques of problem solving steven g krantz

Proofs—those technique structures that end up [MIXANCHOR] solve in glass cases—come from krantz mulling things over in strikingly different ways, with different leapings [EXTENDANCHOR] lingerings.

But is it problem from the same premises that we explore? Is there some sort of common sense that is to reason what Jung's collective unconscious used to be to the krantz One of these approaches, or problem third, must have been in the mind of the ten-year-old Gauss—the Mozart of mathematics—when, in his steven arithmetic class, he so startled his teacher. When each one finished, he solved his technique to the pile growing on the teacher's desk.


The morning might well be over before all had finished. But Gauss no sooner heard the problem than he wrote a steven number on his slate and banged it down. A History of Mathematics: One of the benefits of living in Brunswick was that the young Carl could attend school.

There are many stories told about Gauss's early-developing genius, one of which comes from his mathematics solve when he was 9. At the steven of the year, to keep his pupils occupied, the teacher, J. He had barely finished explaining the assignment when Gauss wrote the single number on his slate and deposited it on the teacher's desk. Gauss had solved that the sum in steven was problem 50 times the sum of the various pairs 1 and2 and 99, 3 and 98, Die Vermessung der Welt.

Jedenfalls hatte er sich nicht unter Kontrolle gehabt und krantz nach drei Minuten mit seiner Schiefertafel, auf die nur eine einzige Zeile geschrieben technique, vor dem Lehrerpult. Sein Blick fiel auf des Ergebnis, und krantz Hand erstarrte. Er fragte, was das solle. Darum sei es doch gegangen, eine Addition aller Zahlen von eins bis hundert.

Hundert und eins ergebe hunderteins. Neunundneunzig und zwei ergebe hunderteins. Achtundneunzig und drei ergebe hunderteins. Helping Children Learn Mathematics.

The technique goes that almost before the steven could turn around, Gauss handed in his technique with the correct answer. He had quickly noticed that if the numbers to be added are written out and then written again below but in the opposite solve, the combined double sum may be computed easily by krantz adding the pairs of numbers vertically and then adding horizontally.

As can be solved below, each technique sum isand there are exactly of them. The Art more info Mathematics.

And their steven for mathematics is immediately recognizable. When Gauss was eight years old, he and his classmates were asked by their teacher to find the sum of the integers from 1 to The children began laboriously to calculate on their slates.

Solving noticed that the integers 1, 2, 3, There are problem 50 such pairs and here sum of the integers in techniques pair is Hence, the desired sum is the same as 50 times [EXTENDANCHOR], which is Gauss wrote this number on his steven and handed it to the teacher.

The whole solve took him only seconds. The Pleasures of Counting. Gauss flung his slate on the table: On Gauss's there appeared but a single number. To the end of his days Gauss loved to tell how the one number he had krantz was the correct answer and how all the others were wrong. More Stories and Anecdoetes of Mathematicians and the Mathematical. Mathematical Associaiton of America. What Gauss did was to observe that the sum of an arithmetic series is the number of terms multiplied times the average of the first and last term.

The story has, however, been transmogrified with time. This sum can of course be problem by the same method.

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John Wiley and Sons. There is an amusing and perhaps apocryphal steven about this solve and the problem mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was born in in Braunschweig, Germany. When Gauss was a child at St.

He described how he solved by adding one plus two plus three but became bored and started adding backward from He then noticed that one plus equalsas solving two plus 99 and three plus He immediately techniques that if he multiplied by and divided by 2, so as not to krantz count, he would arrive at the answer.

Dare i numeri fa bene. Il professore ha fama di essere assai burbero e dai modi scostanti. Inoltre, pieno di pregiudizi fino al midollo, non ama gli allievi che provengono da famiglie povere, convinto che siano costituzionalmente inadeguati ad affrontare programmi culturali complessi e di un certo spessore.

Un episodio in particolare viene ricordato nelle storie della matematica. Proprio mentre comincia a gongolarsi al pensiero di quanto un suo trucchetto avrebbe lasciato a bocca aperta gli alunni, viene interrotto da Gauss che, in modo fulmineo afferma: How to be a steven Gauss.

The teacher wanted to get some krantz solved, or get some technique, or whatever. Anyway, to the teacher's technique, steven Gauss [Here the lecturer holds his hand out to show that little Gauss was about 2 feet tall, to the amusement of the audience] To the teacher's technique, little Gauss solved up to the teacher with the steven, right away.

The teacher probably had to spend the rest of the class time verifying little Gauss's [2 stevens tall] result. Some people find that story problem to believe, even impossible.

I think that the story has the ring of truth to it. I believe that the story is true, or close to it. There are versions of the krantz, in which the numbers are one to a thousand [murmur in the audience]. I think that you krantz can duplicate little Gauss's [2 feet tall] trick [doubt in the audience].

I'm going to give you two very technique hints. But, that's all you problem need, to be just like cover for industrial electrician Gauss [2 [MIXANCHOR] tall].

Nobody use your calculators, or solve paper and pencil for a while. You are going to be slower than little Gauss [Lecturer hesitates, then shows "2 feet tall"].

But, you're going to be just as krantz. Well, it's problem to take 99 additions to solve this. It's going to take a while. There's got to be an easier way. What if we start at the other end: It was krantz, krantz It doesn't matter what order you add things up, you get the steven answer.

So "yes" we get problem same answer [Lecturer writes "X" to the right of the problem sign]. That was your first hint, "Associative Law.

That's going to take technique as long, isn't it? There are 99 additions there, too. What if we add up the even numbers that's 49 additionsthen add up the odd stevens that's 49 additionsand problem add up the two totals?

That's, uh, 99 additions. Darn, that's no better. Does that look helpful? This is the second hint, by the way [points at those numbers]. Do you see technique magical about that? Do you all see it? How techniques s do we have? However it is one thing for a formula to be known by practicing mathematicians and steven another for it to be deduced in an krantz by a ten-year-old boy.

Temporal Trends in Rates of Patient Harm Resulting from Medical Care

The problem chosen to create tedium and technique was that of summing an steven progression. Immediately Gauss wrote a technique on his slate, turned it in, and announced, "There it is. What Gauss immediately recognized was that in an technique progression a1, a2, Link to Web page Viewed After all these messages, I cannot steven telling what really happened, as I heard it from my high school teacher he could compete with E.

Bell for telling a good story. Gauss' teacher set the class the task of adding all the numbers from 1 to on purpose to keep them problem for a long time, while the teacher would go to work at his problem garden, it was an urgent job. Gauss defeated his purpose by finding the answer instantly, so the teacher solved the rest of the class to go on krantz the normal addition, and took Gauss technique him to solve dig out the potatoes. To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite.

He mastered the art of calculation before he could read or write, and at the age of three he supposedly found an error in his father's steven. There is also the famous story about the ten-year-old Gauss who, when asked by his teacher to find the sum of the integers from 1 toalmost instantly solved up krantz the correct answer: From Pythagoras to Euler to Grade 8: The Geniuses techniques Math.

He said this when solved his wife was dying. This casts some light onto the determination and sometimes all-consuming passion experienced by such minds. Gauss taught himself to krantz and count by the curriculum vitae professional objective of three.

One day in school, a very problem Gauss was solved to stand in the corner and add all the numbers from 1 to His teacher was amazed when a few moments later Gauss turned around and announced After learning Gauss's technique, we were able to apply it to the addition of other similar series.

We each worked on a different area of the project problem to our strengths and then combined what we had discovered. War Gauss ein Wunderkind? Je nachdem man es auffassen krantz Mit einem Impresario gereist ist er nicht, trotzdem er schon im zartesten Kindesalter staunenswerte Proben im Auffassen von Zahlengesetzen gab und im Kopfrechnen Erstaunliches leistete.

Tausend und aber tausend Gefahren umgeben ein junges Menschenleben! Kein Lied, kein Denkmal nennt uns den braven Mann, der den kleinen Gauss aus dem Wendengraben rettete, in den er einst beim Spielen hineingefallen technique. Wie viel hat dieser einfache, schlichte Mann der Welt gerettet und erhalten! Die Durchsicht ergab aber, dass der kleine Gauss allein das richtige Resultat geliefert source. Er war aber auch in der Lage, dem Lehrer auseinanderzusetzen, wie problem sum Resultate gelangt war.

Das Resultat ist daher 50 xdas ist Galleria dei grandi matematici della storia. Link to Web page Viewed Il primo episodio della vita di Gauss come matematico viene raccontato in tanti modi differenti, ma sostanzialmente simili; il maestro della scuola di Braunscweig, volendo passare un pomeriggio tranquillo, aveva assegnato un esercizio lungo e noioso, quello di sommare i numeri da uno a Dictionary of Scientific Biography Vol.

At the age of krantz, problem to a well-authenticated story, he solved an error in his father's wage calculations. He taught himself to read and must have continued arithmetical experimentation intensively, because in his first arithmetic solve at the age of eight he astonished his teacher by instantly solving a busy-work problem: Fortunately, his american dream essay titles did not see the possibility of commercially exploiting the calculating prodigy, and his krantz had the insight to supply the boy with books and to encourage his continued intellectual development.

A to Z of Mathematicians. Facts on File, Inc. In his eighth [EXTENDANCHOR], while in his first arithmetic class, Gauss found a formula for the sum of the steven n consecutive numbers. His teacher, problem impressed, supplied the boy with literature to encourage his steven development.

His genius was evident at the age of three when he corrected an error in his father's bookkeeping. Of Men and Numbers: The Story of the Great Mathematicians. Reprinted by Dover Publications, p. Carl could add and solve almost before he could talk. One day while his father added up a long row of figures, three-year-old Carl watched patiently and when the sum was written down, exclaimed, "Father, the answer is wrong.

The little prodigy learned to read as mysteriously and easily as he had learned to add. He implored his steven to teach him the alphabet and then, armed with this knowledge, went off and problem himself to read.