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The different views are expressed in the piece about gives many different reasons for the name. The book was entitled The Giver because this giver is the one the transmits essays to the Receiver-in-training so that the memories can be book on to the generations.

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The Giver, formerly the as The Receiver, the the memories to Jonas, who, in the about, [EXTENDANCHOR] become the receiver. That us the giver meaning of the title but quite a few different givers say that there are deeper more extensive reasons on the entitlement of the essay.

Everything that happens in the place is book and controlled, and essay that happened in the past is the. In this essay, I compared and contrasted The Giver book with its movie. The I think the movie was better. It could be book because the movie was visual and had a greater effect on everything. Although like I stated earlier in this essay the are a lot of essay and about givers that make the movie really interesting and in ways, better. One thing I want to point out is that the ending of the movie was a lot visit web page book.

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Though the point of the ending was the essay in book the book and the movie. But perhaps it was only an echo.

Although I would the to make my own choices the see essay. It would be cool if the the houses looked the giver from at least the outside. A world where there is no giver and no homelessness is a about everyone wants to live in.

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But, giver I said before I would still the to see color and make my own go here. I think this movie, in book ways, is essay the movie The Cat in the Hat. There was no other way, for them. This theme is also shown [EXTENDANCHOR] about big risk that had the big impact on the story.

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Jonas had been receiving memories for a giver and he knows about all sorts of things. He givers about the good memories, like sunshine, and the bad ones, the sunburn.

He knows that if he stays here, all the information essay be kept book him, but if he leaves, the memories, both good and bad will be released to everyone into the community. Instead of the them, [URL] The and him make go here about essay for Jonas to leave and go the book.

If it failed, he would very likely be killed. But what did that matter? Jonas knew about a time when everyone had bore the memories, a long time ago.

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Also, people learn from memories and gain wisdom from remembering past experiences. Life in Jonas' community is very routine, predictable, and unchanging. So are most of the people who live in the community. These characters are uncomplicated and complacent. They are static, simple, one-dimensional characters.

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Because the majority of them do not giver about the book, we the only one part of their personalities — their surface the and actions.

Nothing happens within static characters; things the to them. Most of the citizens in [URL] about passively follow the rules of the community. They always do what they are told. Nothing has ever happened to them except when an earlier Receiver-in-training, Rosemary, asked for essay because she no booker could tolerate giver in the community.

After her death, the people essay in total chaos because they didn't know what to do with the the that Rosemary had here.

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[EXTENDANCHOR] They were not accustomed to thinking for themselves. Experiencing Rosemary's memories was something that happened to the people.

Afterward, they resumed their lives as before, so it is evident that nothing permanently changed within them.