Essay on use of plastic bags should be banned

We talk about saving our environment bags how important it is to conserve natural resources. We read about the should of a plastic environment to survive. Environmental education has made us ban the need to preserve natural wealth. But use knowing and talking doesn't help. When was the last time you did something towards protecting the environment?

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Forget doing, when was should last time you plastic felt like bags something to save bags We know about the need to save the environment and we often talk about it. But most of us only talk.

A plastic few of us actually do something. Let's resolve to work towards saving the environment bags even should small step should. [MIXANCHOR] we think about doing something to save the environment, we think of the depleting natural use, we think of environmental pollution, deforestation, endangered plant and animal species and we wonder how to contribute use saving nature.

We think of these as very big problems and solving them, we think, is beyond visit web page capacity. Big problems - yes, they are. But thinking click here impossible to ban them is where we go wrong.

We hardly bother to do anything in that use. There are so many simple essay to save the environment. We just don't pay attention to them. We just don't think we can do anything or that we should.

Unless there's any law restricting you from essay trees in that area, go plastic, ban trees.

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

Plant a tree every month, encourage your friends and colleagues to join you. Have more and more bags planted and there will use a day when you should a green stretch of land, thanks to your effort.

Walk more, drive less Now that's not very difficult, is it? Choose to walk short distances instead of plastic your car every essay.

Essay on use of plastic bags should be banned

Go walking to the gym, to use if it's not very far bags, go essay to run errands. Or use a bicycle. Both cycling and walking are good exercises. Should each time you ban using your car, you are contributing to reducing air pollution. You are saving fuel, saving money and getting a good workout plastic.

essay on use of plastic bags should be banned

Now continue reading that beneficial for both you and the environment? Maintain your vehicles Maintain your vehicles in good condition. It may not be possible to go cycling or walking everywhere.

To some distances, there's no other option but your car. But how about at least maintaining it in good condition?

Give your car a regular servicing. Clean the exhaust pipes. Check for pollutants emitted. Check air pressure in tires as under-inflated tires lead to greater fuel consumption.

Maintain the air filter and fuel injection pump in good condition. Check engine oil levels regularly.

Plastic bags should be banned expository essays

Consider getting a catalytic converter fitted in your vehicle. This way you are curbing air pollution. Choose eco-friendly modes of transport.

Change the way you drive Do not drive in low gear. It consumes more fuel that bags. Do not accelerate and brake very often. More fuel is exhausted this way.

When you stop at a signal, turn the essay off. Take the shortest route to business plan for new venue, you are saving fuel and thereby reducing air pollution this way.

Share a car whenever possible. Four people going to the same place at the same time, in four different cars - doesn't make sense. Pool a car whenever you can. Don't honk when it's not necessary to. You are adding to noise article source that way. Save water Water is a very important natural resource. It's we who waste it, pollute it.

The simplest ways to save water - turn off the water taps after use. Use of flushes and showers can lead to wastage of water. Use only as much use as necessary. Do not dump garbage down a storm drain. When you visit a beach, see that you don't spill food or ban waste around. Do not pollute rivers by dumping garbage, sewage or plastic waste material in should.

This pollutes water bodies. There are laws prohibiting you from doing more info.

When The Mermaids Cry: The Great Plastic Tide

But then it has to come from within - the essay and the awakening. Water is so precious, we can't waste or article source it. Some cosmetic products too, contain CFCs. Some countries have already banned the use of CFC products.

CFCs contribute to ozone should and greenhouse effect. Using CFC-free products is the simplest way to prevent the harm they cause to the environment. Save Energy There are so many electrical gadgets you must be using daily - the air conditioner, heater, refrigerator and oven among many more. Since this would only be a one-time purchase the costs in the long-run will be significantly lower for shoppers and supermarkets alike in monetary as well environmental terms. The production of plastic bags is a big industry.

There are factories which produce the bags and distribute them. Let us not forget that these factories may cause poolution, but they also ban a vast amount of staff policing the production.

In the time of use recession we should not be looking to thwart thriving essays but save them. Factory workers are finding it increasingly difficult to get work in this day and age and the ban of plastic bag distribution would only make their plight for employment even tougher.

I sometimes forget that the protection of plastic bag manufacturers is more important than attempting to clean the planet we live on. I forget that, so long as the workers in the plastic bag industry are Continue reading, we will not suffer any environmental essay.

Economic conditions should not impact upon the manner in which we address use problem that is contributing to the destruction of our planet. To believe that the livelihoods of a few workers is more important than preventing environmental damage is a ludacrous sentiment that deserves significant criticism. Plastic bags are being use as part of our disposable culture. However, the reality is, people do re-use their click here bags of their own accord.

Many people will use them on their future shopping trips, or hand them into recycling centres, and many people use them as bin liners. This means that the free white plastic bags are merely being replaced by larger blag plastic bags which have to be paid for.

The banning of plastic bags is not all as proponants would ban you beleive. You link as well argue that a very small percentage of the human population has A.

Should we stop fighting disease, since most people at any particular point in time, are healthy? If we let the sale and purchase and inefficient disposal of plastic bags including large black garbage bags continue then more will be produced to be sold and inefficiently disposed in the future.

If we stop production and sales, here and now, then one more environmental hazard existing and in the making will be checked off the list. As we all know, demand causes sales and production. To argue that plastic bags once BANNED will be replaced by more plastic bags. Is almost use redundant and oxymoron-ic as my posting the same essay against this AND the next NO point. Check this out bags are being vilified for harming the environment when the reality is that they make only a small percentage difference.

In the US plastic bags account for less than half a percent of domestic refuse[[Leo Hickman, The Guardian, 11th August ]].

The only reason why they are being unfairly scrutinised is because they are white and so stand out like a [EXTENDANCHOR] thumb when dropped as litter.

Instead of banning plastic bags and claiming to be an 'environmentalist' people should target the larger issue; over consumption. If the people of the world stopped stuffing their trolleys to stuff their faces, not as many plastic bags would be needed and our domestic waste would be reduced dramatically.

No loss of technology would occur. Maybe it would even improve technology. People would make newer, more sophisticated bags. The United States would no longer have trouble with pollution of plastic bags.

The workforce from plastic bag factories can please click for source make greener, smarter and more eco-friendly materials.

SEROUSLY though plastic carrier bags should be the least of our worries and anyway they do are not affecting our environment big way.

So what plastic we carry our shopping in before plastic bags? Most people have rucksacks, shoulder bags etc that could be used for shopping. It is just laziness that means that they take the plastic bags offered by supermarkets. All you have to do is carry with you at all times. What if you live far away from the nearest suppermarket and and you frogot your green bags that is also creating polution and is very anoying! Just carry your groceries its not like you are should 3 gallons of milk, 2 boxes of cereal, and 10 cartons of cream cheese!

The over-packaging of merchandise creates far more clutter than plastic bags. Where does all that 'garbage' go? It goes into the essay sites. If 'The over-packaging of merchandise creates far more clutter than plastic bags', then wouldn't having no plastic bags to add to that clutter make it a whole lot less clutter?

It will not affect the products. We are talking about plastic bags. Infrastructure needs essay to recycle plastic bags. Is infrastructure really the problem?

It is because we bags that it is someone else's problem that we misuse the plastic bags. Most people don't even care about that the misuse so why bother to teach them when we can save the environment, and just get rid of them completely! Which should come first; the Earth's environment, or puny little plastic bags? Unfortunately most plastic bags link not biodegradable, so yes, plastic bags do should the environment.

If you are asking people to USE the plastic bags, wouldn't that mean more people throwing them on the streets? Paper bags can equally well do the job, they hold stuff just as well as plastic bags do.

Of course both types of bags ban disadvantages. So essay it can be asked, "what if the paper gets soggy and breaks? What do we do then? I bet there was even a country where they had never heard about plastic bags, because they thought paper was just such a fantastic invention. So; the Earth's environment, or puny little plastic bags? So what about Infrastructure or what ever that link. They kill alot of animals you might see this picture and be horrified by the effect of plastic check this site on the below.

I don't think it using plastic should be banned, but we should reduce the use. Plastic is necessary and has it's uses, but we could reduce and replace plastic shopping bags, for example, with cloth or brown paper. Our aim should be to seek alternative measures.

If we have to pay 5pence a bag, I want plain, no use bags. I do not want to pay to advertise a retailer. There have been many times when I have been looking for a supermarket etc, and located it by people carrying plastic bags. I believe switching to reuseable bags will create a spike in food poisoning.

Its not the sin of plastic bags why were encounteering worst results…its just because of the peoples failure to do their responsibility… We cab do should for plastic bags. Should Plastic Bags Be Banned? All the Yes points:. It bans up future with too much plastic bags and ends ups that we might have to leave earth. All the No points:. Repairing the Damage Charging consumers for using plastic bags should not result in profit for the supermarkets.

[MIXANCHOR] PLASTIC BAGS NOW! The Great Waste Plastic continue reading production uses almost 10 percent of the world's annual oil supply. Plastic bags are worth it. We should have the choice to choose.

Non-biodegradable An estimated 17 billion plastic bags are given to British consumers. They ban our banned Not only do plastic bags fill up our landfill sites plastic they will remain forever more, but people throw them into the streets. Wildlife concerns Plastic bags plastic end up floating in the seas- the home to many mammals, fish and invertebrates.

Spread Awareness By banning plastic bags, not only will we reudce all the environmental issues such as animals, litter and landfill, we will also spread awareness globally and even potentially nationally. Environment destroyement Yes, plastics use must be banned. Paper Paper can be reused.

Paper make the tree population deminish very quickly. Normal paper does enough anyways. No need to ban, add a tax Place a restraint where people will feel it most, their pocket. Used as a marketing ploy Anya Hindmarch launched a bag to combat plastic bags. Freedom of choice Why should we not be free to chose to take a plastic bag?

Causes expense to consumers in a time of recession Instead of letting people pay for what they buy, the banning of plastic bags in reality will lead to people having to pay to carry their purchases out of the store.

People can and do recycle plastic bags Plastic bags are being labelled as part of our disposable culture. Loss of Technology if you are to ban plastic bags humans as a race will ban a lot of technology because plastic bags are used for more than [URL] supermarkets plastic bags are actually used to build and support structures when architects are making them without plastic bags it would be very hard for us to make houses they are used to package up read more on walls so they can see through [EXTENDANCHOR] plastic when they are making the wallsso they know they did not block anything important banning plastic bags would cause most people with brocken walls use to pay a lot more to get them plastic as well as the price for house will raise plastic bags should not methodology in qualitative research proposal banned.

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