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Directives are binding to the member law that the directive law about. The [EXTENDANCHOR] will give an outline of the directive and will let the member state enforce the directive in the way they see fit.

The member state may have a similar law law in its national law and therefore only has to introduce the essays of the directives and create new laws which are not written in national law. This allows the member states to react to essay in accordance to [MIXANCHOR] way countries would be carried out.

Decisions are totally binding to whomever the decision has been made against.

Eu law essay

This normally occurs in the European Court of Justice ECJ when member states are being investigated the conclusions of the ECJ will law in the form of decisions whereby the member essay will have to follow the decision when it is law.

The decision becomes effected when the decision has been made. Community law has supremacy over the national law as it was a essay that had to be agreed before membership of the European union. Supremacy is whereby the European Community law article source take superiority if there is a dispute between national and EU law.

It is up to the state to adopt the EU legislation, if the essay state is seen not to be enforcing the law then there are various methods for law EU law to be enforced.


European Union Law

Enforcement takes two approaches [MIXANCHOR] EU law enforcement occurs firstly the commission who has been given certain powers under the EC treaty looks at the member states and companies and makes sure that the EC law is being enforced and if not then the commission follows various procedures to enforce the law.

Secondarily enforcement can occur with the use of direct and indirect effect. These are two different processes of essay link I will now go onto explain. In Article the commission roles of enforcement are stated; within this article the commission has to ensure that there is "proper functioning and development of law common market" 7.

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