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Thesis on teaching aids

A Thesis. entitled. Using Visual Aids in the Secondary Language Classroom: An Action Research Study on the Use of Illustrations during TPRS Instruction.

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Teaching Materials and Teaching Aids (ENG)
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16:42 Kikus:
Teachers have a very important job.

14:08 Jujinn:
Callahan worked in Florida so the article mainly focuses on Hispanic and Haitian cultures.

19:37 Voodooshakar:
When in a classroom, however, it is imperative for teachers to adjust to the diverse cultures that they may have in their classrooms. He writes that Haitian and Hispanic cultures might not be accustomed to sitting at individual desks or thinking critically and independently. Teaching Tolerance in the USA

13:34 Groll:
Explain how the teaching of discipleship Might affect the life of a Christian