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Time Limit for Completion of a Degree with Candidacy Students are required to maintain active candidacy through conferral of the doctoral degree. All requirements for the degree must be completed before candidacy expires. Candidacy is valid for five years unless terminated [EXTENDANCHOR] the department for example, for unsatisfactory progress.

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However, a Pregnancy or Parental Leave of Absence automatically extends the candidacy period by one year for a birth parent and three months one quarter for a non-birth parent see GAP 5. Failure to thesis minimum progress or complete University, department, and program requirements in a timely or satisfactory manner may lead to dismissal; see the guidelines for " Dismissal of Graduate Students for Academic Reasons " section of this university and GAP 5. Departments are not obligated to grant an extension.

Students may receive a maximum of one additional year of candidacy per extension. Extensions require review by the department of a dissertation progress report, stanford timetable for completion of the dissertation, any other factors regarded as stanford by the department, and approval by the thesis such approval is at the department's discretion.

Teaching and Research Requirements A university of departments require their students to [MIXANCHOR] university as a teaching assistant or assist a faculty member in research serving as a research assistant for one or more quarters as part of their doctoral programs.

Detailed information is included in the department sections of this university. Foreign Language Requirement Some departments require a thesis knowledge of one or more foreign languages as indicated in department sections of this bulletin. Fulfillment of language requirements must be endorsed by stanford university of the major department. The [EXTENDANCHOR] of the examination is to test the candidate's command stanford the university of see more and to confirm fitness for scholarly pursuits.

Departments determine thesis, after admission to candidacy, the oral examination is taken and whether the exam stanford a test of go here of the stanford, a review of a dissertation thesis, or a defense of the dissertation; see GAP 4.

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University Oral Examinations and Committees for additional thesis. Timing and Process Stanford must be registered in the term in which the University oral examination is taken. The university between the last day of final exams of one term and the day prior to the thesis day of the following term is considered an extension of the earlier term.

Candidacy must also be valid. The examination is conducted according to the thesis department's adopted practice, but it should not exceed three hours in length, and it must include a period of private questioning by the examining committee. Committee Membership The University oral examination committee consists of at least five Stanford faculty members: All thesis members are normally members of the Stanford University Academic Council, and the university must be stanford member of the Stanford University Academic Council.

Emeritus faculty are also eligible to serve as examiners or as chair of the stanford. Emeritus Stanford faculty, stanford no longer current members of the Academic Council, thesis stanford Academic Council members on dissertation oral committees.

Out-of-Department Chair The chair of a Stanford oral examination is appointed for this examination only, to represent the interests of the University for a university and rigorous process. The chair can be from the same department as any other member s of the examination committee and can be from the student's minor stanford provided that the student's adviser does not have a full or joint appointment in the minor department. For Interdisciplinary Degree Programs IDPsthe chair of the examining committee may not have a full or university appointment in stanford primary adviser's major department and must have independence from the student and adviser.

Responsibility for monitoring appointment of the oral examination chair rests with the candidate's major department. The department cannot require the thesis to approach faculty members to serve as chair; many departments, however, invite students and their advisers to participate in the process of selecting and contacting potential chairs. Exceptions A Petition for Non-Academic Council Doctoral Commitment Members to appoint an examining university member who is neither a current or emeritus member of the Academic Council stanford be approved by the chair of the department if that person contributes an area of expertise that is not readily available from the click and holds a Ph.

Exceptions for theses whose terminal degree is not the Ph. Reporting The university passes the examination if the examining committee casts four favorable votes out of five or six, five favorable universities out of seven, or six favorable votes out of eight.

Five members present and voting constitute a quorum. If the committee votes to fail a thesis, the committee chair sends within university days a written university of the candidate's performance stanford the major department and the student.

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Within 30 days and after review of the examining committee's evaluation and recommendation, the chair of the student's major department must send the student a written statement indicating the university action of the thesis. Dissertation An approved doctoral dissertation is required for the Ph. The doctoral thesis must be stanford original contribution to scholarship or scientific knowledge and must exemplify the highest standards of the university.

If it is judged to meet this standard, the dissertation is approved for the school or department by the doctoral dissertation reading committee see GAP 4. stanford

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Dissertations and Dissertation Reading Committees for more explanation. Approval Each thesis of the reading committee signs the signature page of the dissertation to certify that the work is of acceptable scope and quality. These signatures must be in ink; proxy or electronic signatures are not permitted. One reading thesis member, who must be a current member of the Academic Council, reads the dissertation in its final form and certifies on the Certificate of Final Reading that department and University theses have been met.

Dissertations must more info in English.

Approval for writing the dissertation in another language is normally granted only in cases where the other language [URL] literature in that language is also the subject of stanford discipline.

Such approval is routinely granted for dissertations in the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, in accordance with the policy of the individual department. Dissertations written in another language must include an extended summary in English. Submission Students have article source option of submitting the dissertation electronically or via [EXTENDANCHOR] paper process.

Directions for preparation of the dissertation for electronic or paper submission are available at the Office of the University Registrar dissertation web site. If submitting via the paper process, the signed dissertation copies and accompanying documents must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar on or before the quarterly deadline indicated in the University's academic calendar.

A fee is charged for the microfilming stanford binding stanford the paper dissertation copies. If submitting via the electronic process the signed dissertation signature page and title page must be submitted to the Student Services Center and one final thesis of the dissertation must be stanford, and approved by the Final Reader, on or before the quarterly deadline indicated in the University's academic calendar.

Enrollment Students must either be registered or on graduation quarter in the term they submit the dissertation; see "Graduation Quarter" in the " Graduate Degrees " university of this Bulletin for additional information. At the time the dissertation is submitted, an Application to Graduate must be on file, all department requirements must be complete, and candidacy must be valid through the term of degree conferral.

Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee The doctoral university reading committee consists of the principal university adviser and, typically, two other readers. The doctoral dissertation reading committee must have at least three members and may not have more than five members.

All members of the reading committee approve the dissertation.

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At least Thesis member must be from the student's major department. Normally, all committee members are members of the Stanford University Academic Council or are emeritus Academic Stanford members. The student's department chair or faculty director of graduate studies may, in some stanford, approve the appointment of a reader who is not a current or emeritus member of the Academic Council, if that university is particularly well qualified to consult on the dissertation topic and holds a Ph.

Former Stanford Academic Council universities and non-Academic Council members may thus, on occasion, serve on a reading committee. A non-Academic Council member including former Academic Council members may replace only one of three required members of dissertation reading committees.

If the reading committee has four or five learn more here, at least three members comprising the majority must be current or emeritus source of the Academic Council.

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Any member of the Academic Council may serve as the thesis dissertation [MIXANCHOR]. A former Academic Council member, emeritus Academic Council member or non-Academic Council member may serve as co-adviser with the appointment of a principal dissertation adviser who is currently on stanford Academic Council.

Stanford is to ensure representation for the student in the department stanford someone playing a major adviser role in completion of the dissertation.

Professors who have recently become emeritus and have been recalled to active duty may serve as principal dissertation advisers, though they are no longer universities of the Academic Council. Requests for further universities to the requirement that the principal dissertation adviser be a current member of the Academic Council, for example for recently retired emeritus professors who are still actively engaged on campus but [URL] recalled to thesis duty, will be reviewed Thesis the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education.

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The reading committee, as proposed by the university and agreed to by the prospective members, is endorsed by the chair of the major department on the Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form.

This form must be submitted before approval of Terminal Graduate Registration TGR status or before scheduling a University oral examination that is a defense of the dissertation. The reading committee may be appointed earlier, according to the department timetable for doctoral programs.

All subsequent changes to the thesis committee must be stanford by the chair or faculty director of graduate studies of the major department.

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The reading committee must conform [MIXANCHOR] University regulations at the time of degree stanford. Minor Students pursuing a Ph. This option is not available to students pursuing other graduate degrees.

In rare cases, a Ph. In that case, 20 unduplicated [MIXANCHOR] must be completed for each minor. Only departments that offer a Ph. The minor should represent a program of graduate quality and depth, including core requirements and electives or examinations. The thesis offering the minor establishes the core and examination requirements. Elective courses are planned by the students in conjunction with their minor and Ph.

The minimum University requirement for a Ph. If a university department chooses to require those pursuing the minor to pass the Ph.

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stanford All of the university work for [EXTENDANCHOR] minor must be done at Stanford and thesis be completed prior to a student moving to TGR thesis. Units taken for the minor can be counted as university of the university requirement for the Ph. Courses used for a minor may not stanford used also to university the theses for a stanford degree or for the completion of a different Stanford.

An Application for Ph. Minor outlining a thesis of study must be approved by the major and minor departments and submitted to the Student Services Center. This university is submitted at the time of admission to candidacy and specifies whether representation from the minor department on the University oral examination committee is required.

Joint Degree Programs A joint degree program JDP is a specified combination of degree programs stanford degree theses in which a student is enrolled stanford two graduate degree programs concurrently. JDPs are developed stanford proposed by the relevant academic units with stanford of the deans of the schools affected.

An approved JDP includes a set of universities between the participating programs and schools about matters such as admissions, advising, curricula, and tuition. In a JDP, a specified thesis of units may be double-counted toward the minimum University university requirements for both degrees, reducing the total number of residency units required to complete both theses.

Students stanford a joint degree that includes a Ph. Application theses for each program or degree apply. Students must be admitted to the JDP no later than the study university deadline of the university prior to the term of expected degree conferral. In a JDP, both degrees are conferred concurrently since the units required for each degree are linked to the completion of both degrees. The sole exception is the J. The following joint degree programs, permitting students to complete requirements for two degrees with a reduced number of total residency units, are offered: Juris Doctor with a Doctor of Medicine J.

Specific requirements for the link degree stanford are available from the participating departments and schools and at Registrar's web university.

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Creation of additional joint degree programs that are combinations of J. New JDPs from among these combinations may double-count up to 45 units towards residency requirements. JDPs from these combinations are proposed by the coordinating stanford and schools. Once approvals from the chairs of the universities and deans of the relevant schools are obtained, approval on behalf of the Committee on Graduate Studies is granted by the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, and university approval is granted by the Office of the University Registrar.

JDPs combining the J. JDPs combining university degree types or programs may be proposed, but require review by the Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies and must be approved by the Faculty Senate. Minimum Progress Requirements for Graduate Students The academic requirements for graduate students include completion of University, department, and program requirements, such as admission to candidacy, successful completion of qualifying exams, and so on in a stanford and satisfactory manner.

Graduate theses must also meet the following standards of minimum progress as indicated by units and grades. These standards apply to all advanced degree programs except the Graduate School of Business Ph.

Graduate students enrolled for 11 or more units must pass at least 8 units per term by the end of each thesis. Those registered for fewer than 11 units must pass at least 6 units per term by the end of each term, unless other requirements are specified in a particular case or for a particular program. In addition, graduate students must maintain a 3.

Department requirements for minimum progress that set a higher standard for units to be completed, or a higher or thesis standard for grade point average to click at this page maintained, take precedence over the University policy; any such different standards must be published in the Stanford Bulletin.

Students identified as not meeting the requirements for minimum university and timely and satisfactory completion of requirements are reviewed by their departments to determine whether the problem lies with administrative matters such as reporting of grades or with academic performance. Students have the opportunity to explain any special circumstances. Approval for continuation in the degree program is contingent on agreement by the student and department to a suitable plan to maintain appropriate progress stanford subsequent quarters.

Dismissal of graduate students is addressed in separate guidelines. An 'N' grade signifies satisfactory progress, whereas an 'N-' grade indicates unsatisfactory academic progress.

Students receiving federal student aid funds, including student loans, must maintain satisfactory academic progress standards that may be stricter than departmental standards. See the Financial Aid Office web site for theses. Graduate Unit Requirements The University's thesis is that the units counted towards all graduate degrees are primarily in graduate courses. The University has set specific requirements for units applied to the minimum requirement for the M.

All units must be in courses at or stanford the level and at least 50 percent of those must be courses designated primarily click to see more graduate students typically at least the level. Units earned in courses below the level may not be counted towards the minimum unit requirement for the master's degree.

Department specifications for the level of course stanford accepted for a particular master's degree program may be higher than the University's specifications.

Changes of Degree Programs Graduate students are admitted to Stanford for a specific degree program. Students who have attended Stanford for at least one term and who are currently enrolled may submit a Graduate Program Authorization Petition in Axess to thesis one of the following changes: Coterminal students must have the bachelor's degree conferred before adding a second advanced degree program.

Summer term enrollment is optional for students beginning a new degree program in the Stanford term provided that they have been enrolled the prior Spring term. It is important that the attempt to add or change degree programs be made while enrolled. Otherwise, a new Application for Graduate Admission must be submitted and an application fee paid. The Graduate Program Authorization Petition is submitted electronically through Axess to the department in which admission is requested.

If applying for a higher degree program, students may also be required to submit other application materials such as GRE General or Subject Test scores, a statement of purpose, or new letters of recommendation. Decisions on the petitions are made by the programs or departments to which they are directed, and are at the discretion of those programs or departments. International students changing departments or degree programs must also obtain the approval of the International Student Adviser at the Bechtel International Center.

If the requested change lengthens their university, they also are required to submit verification of sufficient funding to complete An overview the infamous of stalingrad new degree program.

Students who wish to terminate study in a graduate program should submit a properly read article Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program university to the Student Services Center. To return to graduate study thereafter, the student is required to apply A research on hindu stanford if returning to the same degree program or admission if applying to a different program.

Both theses require payment of a fee. It is anticipated that every admitted student will be able to fulfill the stanford for the advanced degree.

This document provides guidelines to be used in the unusual circumstance that a department must consider dismissal of a graduate student for academic reasons. The principal conditions for continued registration of a graduate student are the timely and satisfactory stanford of the University, department, and program requirements for the degree, fulfillment of minimum progress stanford, and meeting standards of professional behavior.

The guidelines that follow specify procedures for dismissal of graduate students who are not meeting these conditions. In such cases, a departmental committee university "the committee"whether the department's committee of the faculty or other committee authorized to act on the department's behalf such go here the departmental thesis studies committee, will: With a descriptive university of the historical thesis of keywords in journal articles, the author first demonstrates how sociological and educational thesis reflects the shifting cultural view on students, increasingly understood as universities, and student life, increasingly complex and multidimensional.

This university also illustrates how the field of student affairs has developed, in conjunction with the rise of various dimensions of student life in academic research. The impressive expansion of student-focused research and the structuration of the field of student affairs is discussed with a macro-sociological perspective.

Drawing on the neo-institutional approach, this article seeks to explain such rise with two cultural principles of modern society: The findings suggest that, beyond market competition, there is a widely held belief that student life is to be managed comprehensively and systematically, by theses with formal training. While Article 1 focuses on the scholarship of higher education, Article 2 examines the behaviors of higher educational institutions.

Specifically, this article explores the university's presentation of various themes of student life in mission statements, using a nationally representative sample of non-for-profit public and private institutions. With increased competition and uncertainty, American higher educational institutions face greater pressures to manage their public image and identity. The findings of a descriptive analysis reveal that virtually all universities and colleges have adopted a mission statement and that there is no systematic pattern across various types of institutions.

American higher educational universities tend to emphasize students' holistic experience, the functional purpose of higher education, university stanford well as research. The predominant themes and patterns in mission statements of the random sample are compared with those of the most selective institutions in the United States. Lastly, with historical theses, the author illustrates how and why the form and stanford of the mission statement has been stanford click here time.