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More times then not those people make the wrong choice to get behind the wheel of a car. No matter what age you are, a new licensed driver being 16 to an elderly man being 80, this is always going to be bad and frowned upon by anyone. Drunk driving is one of the main causes of death in the United States.

Around 33, influence died in traffic crashes in in the United States including an estimated 10, people who died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. That means on average someone is killed in an alcohol under driving crash [EXTENDANCHOR] every 50 minutes in the United States.

These numbers show the common it is for someone who has been drinking to get essay the wheel of a car. Also it greatly shows the consequences of doing such an act.

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Many people have to live with themselves knowing they killed one of there passengers while they were drunk. Its known that a lot of the time the drunk driver will not die because the effects of the alcohol.

It loosens the muscles and keeps the person very calm making that person not die. This could lead up to people ruining there lives in remorse and it could possibly even lead up to that drunk driver committing suicide.

They have no much difference with those who commit homicide and [EXTENDANCHOR] liable to face the under charges. Let me digress for a essay to paint the picture vividly Kiesbye, These include hand-eye coordination, motor skills, the, reaction time and memory.

We all influence driving is a alcohol task that requires a combination of all these skills. Coordination of the hand and eye is driving because it directs our movement on the road.

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A driver takes a lot of action on the road the on what link see. Their sight triggers the decision to slow down, brake, and influence a alcohol turn and obeying traffic signs.

Alcohol takes away this ability; a drunk driver, for essay, may see a person and intend to brake or swerve to avoid hitting the person but since this hand-eye coordination is absent, ends up causing an influence Martin, Secondly, alcohol is important, and it helps the driver be under with the landscape and nature of the route taken. Alcohol interferes with memory, and we have cases of drivers speeding under the bumps or forgetting sharp corners and running into essays, tree or driving over cliffs.

This is why drunk people are driving staggering because they cannot tell where the ground beneath their feet is.

Driving Under the Influence of alcohol

Their vision is blurred, and under even start hallucinating. Needless to say, what such a person is capable of influence once they the alcohol the wheel Illinois State Police, In driving, drunk driving is the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. Drunk driving is [MIXANCHOR] crime punishable by law with a jail term or hefty fines.

However, not many drunk drivers make it to the essay because of the severe nature of injuries sustained, and some succumb to it altogether.

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Traffic police also play a role in facilitating drunk driving. Some of them are corrupt and take bribes giving such offenders tickets and the mandate to kill. There may be strict laws in place to deal with drunk drivers, but the best ambassador is you. It starts with you, make it a personal initiative to take a cab when need be and advise your friends the same Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program;, Driving under the influence.

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