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Just a few weeks ago, a pregnant woman was stabbed during a knifepoint car robbery when she attempted to get into a cab in East London.

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The following week, a man was stabbed for his headphones during a robbery in Gloucester skate park. Prior to Thanksgiving, a [EXTENDANCHOR] was found stabbed to death in an East London petrol station, and another man was stabbed in the stomach during an attempted robbery of his cell phone as he walked through Victoria Park, Ashford here same month.

These are just a few examples. This report claimed that Massachusetts had the best gun control laws in the nation, while Maine had the absolute worst.

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Statistics also show that half of all firearm deaths in the U. Houston has very few gun laws. Criminals there know that many citizens are [EXTENDANCHOR] armed for self-protection.

Gun control advocates have good intentions, But good intentions do not always yield positive results.

Gun Laws, Deaths and Crimes -

Strict gun laws do not work because they take guns out of the hands of only law-abiding citizens. These civilians are then left with few ways to Frankenstein essays themselves against armed criminals, who do not follow laws.

It is absurd to think that banning guns would stop a criminal from possessing them. If that argument worked, no one in America would posses or use illegal drugs. Banning something does not make it go away.

Gun Laws, Deaths and Crimes

Despite the obvious evidence that goes against their appeals for gun laws, politicians frequently exploit the gun issue to enact more government regulations and control. Many politicians use emotional appeals to push aggressive laws.

Not surprisingly, two of the most violent countries in the region have relatively lax laws. For its part, Venezuela has gradually expanded restrictions on carrying firearms in public and, inbanned the commercial sale of guns. However, until recently few regulations existed and recently passed legislation allows for the [MIXANCHOR] reopening of gun shops.

More Gun Laws Do Not Mean Less Crime

Both countries suffer from gun violence. In Honduras, 85 percent of homicides were committed with a gun [URL]with a gun homicide rate of Venezuela also had a high gun homicide rate of 37 perresidents inaccording to the UN.

However, lax or strict gun laws do not seem to correspond to gun violence in other countries. Gun legislation in Uruguay and Chile, for instance, is fairly moderate.

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In Uruguay, a person must be over 18 to own a gun, [URL] a permit and have undergone a basic training course but can legally purchase a weapon, and arms trafficking is not a legally recognized crime. Gun control laws don't reduce violent crime.

Evaluating gun control Proponents of gun control suggest that some of the arguments against gun control are invalid. For example, they cite statistics that support the fact that if more citizens carried guns to defend themselves, there would be little decrease in crime because crime victims rarely use weapons anyway.

And they point to the fact that, so far, the U. The case most often cited is U.